mlk: i have a dream

“We still have a dream” banner flies in Memphis, 49 years after MLK’s assassination

Organizers with the Movement for Black Lives and the Fight for $15 dropped a banner in Memphis on Tuesday, marking the 49th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in the city where he was killed.

The banner, which reads “We still have a dream,” also includes a call for residents to meet at city hall at 5 p.m. for a march to the Lorraine Motel, where King was killed on a balcony outside his second-story room.

The banner’s placement seems symbolic, too. It hangs on Riverside Drive:: Riverside is the name of the church in New York City where King made one of his last major speeches, 50 years ago on Tuesday. Titled “Beyond Vietnam,” the civil rights leader spoke out against not only the Vietnam War, but also racial and socioeconomic inequality in the United States. Read more. (4/4/2017 11:50 AM)


#ReclaimMLK proves that Martin Luther King was much more than just a dream 

The #ReclaimMLK campaign, inaugurated by the founders of Black Lives Matter, aims to remind the world that the slain civil rights leader was far more than the voice behind the famous “I Have a Dream” speech delivered in Washington in 1963. Born out of a fear that King’s memory has become a sanitized version of the historical person, the #ReclaimMLK campaign dedicated the five days between King’s birthday (Jan. 15) and today’s federal holiday to acts of civil disobedience in his name. 

The #ReclaimMLK campaign exists to shatter the white-bred illusions that have, as Selma director Ava DuVernay put it, “reduced [King] to a catchphrase, four words: ‘I have a dream.’”

ولكن ما أريد الوصول إليه ..يستحق عناء ما اراه بالطريق وأن أتخطى الظلآم .. لمسافة ميل آخر 

And my destination makes it worth the while Pushing through the darkness still another mile
—  I have a dream
I Have A Dream

so i have this dream just right before i woke up. i was with two other ladies - the princess of wysteria and one other lady that i suspected was a noblewoman and had a thing for louis howard. then we were talking about the men of midnight cinderella and this noblewoman was saying that she wanted to confess to louis but was quite scared cos of all their (minimal) interactions, the duke was definitely cold.

a few chatters later on, we parted ways and i went home. it was definitely a dream because when i went to my room, i saw the princess (we don’t live in the same house lol) getting fucked by none other than byron wagner. i would’ve just stood there and watched (i knoooowwww lmao) if not for the second dick that i noticed (no, it’s not the princess’ and i really, clearly saw a dick nyehehehe). turns out, the princess was having a threesome with byron and louis and i was too mad (i dunno, for the noblewoman, for them using my room, or for me not being included hihi) so i stormed in my room and stared them all down. i was just about to speak when my phone rang and i woke up. tsk.

i tried going back to sleep to see if i actually ended up joining them (i bet i did lol) but no, i can’t go back to sleep anymore so here i am, ranting. hahahaha

it was a nice dream nevertheless. ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)

There’s something

I wanna see a TV show about autistic peoples. Not one where a little kid is diagnosed and his family is doing everything so he’ll go to school and have friend and a normal life and everyone’s happy when he “overcomes his autism” in any way. Not a TV show with a geeky stereotype whom we’re supposed to laugh at and not with.

I wanna a TV show about that women who’s living on her own, and working in a science field, who’s smart and discrete, and seems a bit quirky but that’s all, and she can’t be autistic because “she’s a girl, you know?”. So no one, even her, thought that she might be autistic.  I want her to pass nearly perfectly, but she’s unhappy and lonely and most things don’t make sense. She feels like an alien in disguise. She’s lost.

And then something happens.

Maybe someone introduce her to that quirky guy, cause “he’s soooo like you, you’ll totally get along”. Maybe they do, and maybe not. But she starts to search for others people like them. And she finds it

Or maybe she she meets that girl in the library and fells head over heels in love with her, and because she just don’t know what else to do, she befriends her first. And maybe they end up together, or maybe she’s not interested, but our hero get to met other peoples like her. Other autistic peoples.

Maybe it isn’t about love. Maybe one night she goes to a bar, or to see a movie, and she meets those peoples, and for once they get along. And that was an autism support group, and she decide that maybe, she could come to help ?

Maybe it’s work. Maybe she has to work on that project, and it  involves an autistic community. She gets to know some of them, and become involved.

Maybe it’s pure kindness. That lost little kids that runs to her in the street, because she feels normal for him and so he turns to her. And she learns that he’s autistic, and so his most of his family.

Maybe it’s weird. That guy who spontaneously talks to her, strangely, because he missed that social rule, or he’s just drunk and not giving a fuck (how is that incredible? It actually happened, you know =) )  “you’re autistic, of course you are, come on i could spot you at fifty meters.”

Maybe it’s really incredible. Simple luck or impossibility. Maybe she went to that political, or gardening reunion, but she comes the wrong  day or in the wrong room, and then steps on that autistic community’s reunion. And she stays.

I want her to grow, I want her to change. I want her to find a community, a place to herself. I want her to rediscover her own quirks, how to stim, to be autistic. I want her to find friends, or some kind of big, weird family. I want her to find a place where she’ll learn to be confident in herself and the others. I want her to be more and more visibly autistic, tu worry and then accept it. I don’t want her to “overcome her autism”, I want her to be herself. I want her to be les NT-passing and more happy. Just not lost anymore.

I want an Autistic TV show with diversity. With black and asian and lots of different ethnicity. And I want it to feel normal, not “we must have that percentage of pocs, that of woman” and such.

I want queer autistic. Straight autistics. Gay and lesbian autistics, and anything else you could think of. I want asexual and hyper-sexual autistics. I want trans and nonbinary autistics. I want that TV show to shows everything that exist, because somewhere, someone will relate to that, and say “look, they’re like me. They do exist.”

I want other disabled autistics. I want to see autistics with SPD, ADHD, Tourette any mental illness or learning disability or neurological weirdness you can think of.  I also want physically disabled people. That young girl who’ll never leave her wheelchair, and that boy who use one even thought he sometimes can walk, and when once he has the spoons to runs no one judge and everyone smiles because “seriously, he looks so surprised”. I want deaf  and HoE autistics that speak, and others that only sign.

I want that show to have enough autistic persons, so that none of them is a stereotype. I want that white, 8 years old little boy who’s autistic and loves trains. I want him, and I also wants his three autistic sisters. His older sister who’s also fond of trains, and taught him everything about it. The second one who’s fond of dragons, cause “they breath fire !!! how cool is it that they BREATH FIRE !”.The little one whose special interest is fashion or  make-up because it’s not less valid. A dysexecutive funny mother that drags everyone outside because “it’s snowing! yepeee”. And a father that supposed to be NT , “come on you need scarfs and gloves, it’s SNOWING OUTSIDE ! “ but with his family how can he be? I’d like him to be like “yes, we have a swing in our living-room, why not ?”

I want that discreet, perfectly normal looking girl that came one day because “you’ve rainbows on your emblems, I like rainbows”. And she stayed. She just draws rainbows anytime she can, and rarely speaks to anyone, and when asked, she always says that she’s not here for autism, she’s here for the rainbows. And they keep her, cause that’s her place and she’s an important part of the community. She’s an habit.

I want that nonverbal one who never stop communicating, who’s  noisy and lively and always interacting with everyone, and thought he is nonverbal, you can’t seriously ever say that he is silent or absent.

I want that unorganized, totally not effective president that has been chosen because he can perfectly pass, be charming and convincing for a moment, and who can defend the association, but that couldn’t do paperwork to save his life.

I want that one that always repeats a question, to everyone, doing echolelia, and everyone tries to answers a last once each time. Those who have an answer and some who don’t. Because it’s normal here. It’s an habit.

I want a perfect geek, who spend most of his hours on the internet because it’s an easier form of communication for him. Who’s fan of starwars, read tons of manga and animes and always cosplay the same person because he identify with him. That knows entire scripts of sci-fi shows and uses it in everyday conversations. He’s the one who created the association’s website, with a high encrypting level and advanced animations (a huge part of them spinning in some way or another. And a lot of rainbows too, cause the girl up there asked him and he just couldn’t say no)

I want different kinds of stimming. I want to see rocking and humming and chewing. I want to see that one who uses lines from songs to speak, and others from books or TV shows and movies (I even want one that sometimes quotes this TV show, because it would be funny, in a “I already heard that, no ?” way ).

I want to see empathy,as a whole. That grown-up man who breaks in tears when someone else cries. That other one who’s always too cheerful and helpful because he really want everyone to be happy but he desperately cant’t tell if they are. That teenager who wonders if others really are humans, if they do have feelings or if they’re just faking it for social purposes.

I also want diversity in opinions. I want to see special episodes about important issues.

I want something about person first or disability first language. I want autistic peoples to disagree, because in real life we do.
I want something about medical or social construction of disability. I want people whose autism is a burden, making their life a hell. I want peoples supporting autism pride, who believe autism is a gift, or a difference that just has to be accepted. I want every opinions between. I also want peoples who don’t have one, cause they exists.
I want an episode about activism and self-advocacy. I want optimists who want to change and reform everything, and cynics who think we can’t. I want those trying with small steps. I want people advocating for themselves, on things that directly touch them, and other trying to speak for the whole community. Peoples who want to teach the whole world and others who just dream to set it of fire.
I want to see acceptance and the lack of. To hear about ABA, compliance therapy, male brain or frigo mother (I’m french) theories, about special regims. About ASAN and Autism Speak. To listen stories of those who where rejected for coming out as autistic, but also of those for who it wasn’t an issue. Those who didn’t because they were scared, because it was too dangerous, awkward or just not necessary. 

I don’t want to see a TV show about autism, how it’s viewed and how it impacts NT’s lives. I want a TV show about autistc peoples, about our lives, our opinions and growths.
I wanna see a TV show about autistic peoples.

What Black History Month Means To Me

You don’t have to be Black to observe Black History Month. This month serves to remind everyone that this country was built on the backs of Black slaves. It’s a reminder that Black men were put on the front lines in battle during virtually every war the US has ever been involved in. It serves to remind us all of the horrible atrocities and indignities Black people have suffered. Black History Month is a time to remember all the Black lives lost to hatred and racism. It’s a time to remember all the Black heroes and role models who stood up for their basic human rights and for all those who beat the odds. It’s a time to remember Martin Luther King, whose infamous “dream” we all share. It’s a time to remember the courage and bravery of Rosa Parks, a strong Black woman. It’ll be this month that our children will discuss the nation’s first Black President in their social studies classes and we’ll tell them that we lived through it and the pride we felt as a country. Black History Month signifies how far this country has come and how far we have yet to go in our quest for true equality. As a Muslim, watching the decisions being made by Trump, it’s important for me (and all of us) to remember the strength, resilience, and courage of black leaders in American (and the World’s) history. Happy Black History Month! 💕


Sunday discovery session is in full swing. Randomly stumbled upon her on youtube. She went viral after being filmed busking! 

Super talented.

fun fact: one day, when i’m financially stable and own a decent size property, i would love to become a dog breeder.

not 100% sure on what i would breed….. but a small yet very controversial part of me, deep down, wants to say doodles. but ya know… actual responsibly bred, health tested, *sporting* doodles.

like if you took working labs or goldens and some nice working or showline poods, and actually bred them with the intention of the offspring being more than what our society currently views/breeds them as.

do you know how great that would be???! maybe then people would stop poopoo'ing on these types of dogs and actually view them as decent sporting crosses.

I have a life plan.

So, this might be a dream, or it might be a posible goal.

I’m supposed to have just one quarter left at college besides this one, i would graduate on August, but I’ll take less classes and graduate until December so I can get a job and save money.
I plan to work at a pet store, specially Petco if I can.

In this period of time (aka: this year) I have to save enough money to move out, and find a job.

I’ll graduate, move out, rent a house where I can take my pets with me, and start studying veterinary as a second career and specialize in exotic animals, my focus will be birds.

I want to open a rescue center for neglected pets and wildlife, and make illustrated books for kids about proper pet care.

Before the hummingbirds I was desperate just trying to look for a job, everyone wanted to work at a big animation studio, it’s not really my thing but I thought to be someone I had to move to another country and look to work on a big studio out of Mexico.

But that’s not right, te thing that makes every beat of my heart worth it are animals, and the point isn’t going to a place that’s already nice, the point is to stay where it’s wrong and do what I can to change it.

It might be silly, but I want to change my country, I want to give a better life to animals in Mexico.
I want to help people care more about wildlife, I want to educate the people and save the animals. I think this can be done with my Animation career since people learn from fiction and people are attracted to entertainment, show them something pretty and they’ll learn.

That’s what I want to do, educate, care, heal, rehab.