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Social studies teachers been lying??? Would it be so hard to believe? Corruption and racism have gone hand in hand for so long. Besides, ask Native Americans. The atrocities done to so many nations across America were rewritten. Once you investigate you see the systemic racism at all levels. Ask Japanese Americans about the concentration camps from WW2 and how their lives, property, businesses were stolen and destroyed. All these things are just blips in books.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. reacts in St. Augustine, Fla., after learning that the senate passed the civil rights bill, June 19, 1964.

“The problem of housing discrimination is a glaring reality all over this country, north and south; and as long as we have this problem, there will be some form of de facto segregation in the public schools and in all other areas of life.”
- Martin Luther King, Jr., The American Dream: July 4, 1965

Black woke tumblr is a joke

I find it so ironic how you “woke” people on tumblr know all about Kylie Jenner wearing dreadlocks and cornrows, but don’t know the origin of dreads and how they coincide with being Afrikan and of the Earth itself.
Y'all can tell me every racist thing Donald Trump ever said out of his mouth, yet no one concludes the fact that they’re people above him who’re ALLOWING him to say these things.
Y'all scream BLM on every post, yet it never dawns on you that proclaiming such a statement would mean that a.) we are powerless b.) we are the victims c.) we don’t matter d.) you’re seeking approval and recognition from a group of people who’ve done nothing but try to destroy your people for hundreds of years, yet you beg and beg for “justice”. Cool.
Y'all know all about who’s “problematic” and who said this in this interview about privilege and racism, but don’t even know your own full history to grasp the meaning of both racism and privilege.
Y'all can go in for hours about how corrupt the gov is and how it is a big joke to POC, yet somehow you cannot grasp the mockery they are making out of the election by partaking in this Donald Trump bullshit. It’s baffling that you all know so much about pop culture, a white construct in the first place, and deflect it at the same time like you don’t fw it. You’re part of the problem because truthfully, you don’t want freedom from oppression, you still see the oppressor as a friend, a helping hand, a savior, a Bernie Sanders, sorry I mean, an ally. And you enjoy all of this, you’d rather stay in America and live your limited Afr. Amer. lives with your oppressor thinking that your little BLM shirt matters to them. You write a few paragraphs about cultural appropriation on IG and think you woke now?

The problem is that most of you live in a MLK induced diet and shun the ideals and motives of Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X. Not saying that MLK was incompetent, however pointing out the fact that his approach was more tolerable than Malcolm’s, America ran with that and got chall thinking a few marches and protests will get white people to stop what they’re doing. Hence why we learn about MLK in school more than any other black civil rights activists. Hence why the phrase “turn the other cheek” is pushed on our society so much.
Mom said “If somebody hit you, you hit they ass back!” But black Americans are steady turning cheeks like we at a strip club or something. YOU DONT WANT A REAL CHANGE!
So no you’re not woke. And I’d appreciate it if you’d take that shit out of your IG and tumblr bio.

How The Systemic Segregation Of Schools Is Maintained By ‘Individual Choices’

Sixty-three years after the Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education ruling mandated the desegregation of American schools, many schools across the country either remain segregated or have re-segregated.

Journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross that when it comes to school segregation, separate is never truly equal.

“There’s never been a moment in the history of this country where black people who have been isolated from white people have gotten the same resources,” Hannah-Jones says. “They often don’t have the same level of instruction. They often don’t have strong principals. They often don’t have the same technology.”

Still, when it was time for Hannah-Jones’ daughter, Najya, to attend kindergarten, the journalist chose the public school near their home in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, even though its students were almost all poor and black or Latino. Hannah-Jones later wrote about that decision in The New York Times Magazine.

For Hannah-Jones, sending Najya to the neighborhood school was a moral issue. “It is important to understand that the inequality we see, school segregation, is both structural, it is systemic, but it’s also upheld by individual choices,” she says. “As long as individual parents continue to make choices that only benefit their own children … we’re not going to see a change.”

Hannah-Jones adds that her daughter is thriving at school. “I know she’s learning a lot,” she says. “I think it is making her a good citizen. … It is teaching her that children who have less resources than her are not any less intelligent than her or not any less worthy than her.”

Illustration: Michelle Kondrich for NPR


Oklahoma State University students celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day in blackface

  • Two white female students at Oklahoma State University are facing backlash after a photo of them wearing blackface — in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, mind you – was posted on Instagram.
  • The Instagram post, uploaded on Monday, included the caption: “Celebrating our first MLK Day off school!!!!”
  • Oklahoma State’s African-American Association discovered the photo and gathered allies to bring attention to the racially insensitive photo. 
  • According to the university, the photo was deleted from Instagram and the students are expected to meet with administration officials. Read more

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get your education, don’t forget from whence you came [x x x x x x]

So in 1st grade, it was MLK day and of course, us being only 6 years old, we had no fucking clue. Everyday, around 11 am we would get a snack time and if we didnt bring a snack then we were given saltines. Well I always brought my favorite snack which was Cheese-its.

Well on MLK day my teacher went around and put stickers on our forehead based on our eyecolor. I had brown eyes and my best friend had blue so i got a brown sticker and she got a blue. 

I was told I couldnt eat my snack that day and was given two saltines but my friend could eat hers. Yeah I was pissed and my friend gave me some of her PB crackers.

Once we were taught about racism and such we were sent off to recess. THIS IS WHERE SHIT GOT REAL.

All the brown eyed kids refused to play with any of the other eye colored people and ONE KID FUCKING GETS A LITTLE 6 YEAR OLD MAFIA AND STARTS BEATING THE FUCKING SHIT OUT OF DIFFERENT COLORED EYED KIDS LIKE FUCK DUDE. I went and hid my friend on the playground so she didn’t get beat up but that didnt last long bc we were found and I was shunned for playing with a blue eyed kid.

6 fights broke out that day and my school never pulled that shit again.


Eunice, a fifth-grader at the Kibera School for Girls in Kenya, has a dream. Her dream is made possible by the courage and dedication of individuals around the world working to ensure that women and girls have equal access to education.

You can see more of Eunice in A Path Appears, the highly anticipated follow-up documentary series to Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide. A Path Appears, inspired by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s new book, premieres January 26 on PBS.

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It's MLK day and school is out which means the mall is crawling with middle schoolers. Most are just sitting in silence on the floor. Like damn go somewhere else, we don't even have wifi here. Let me be in peace. What makes it worse is I work at a "adult novelty gift shop" but kids can still come in. Leave the dildos ALONE, stop telling your "bro" you found something for him. Please don't ask me where "the porn stuff" is at, you're like 12. 😫

“I definitely have a rebellious side. I like to be able to do things my own way and be able to carve out my own identity without worrying too much about what others expect you to do.”


Today My Students Decided to Walk Out of School to Protest Police Brutality

I’m a Math Fellow, not necessarily your typical teacher. As a Math Fellow I don’t have a full class of 30 kids, I have 4 kids every 45 minutes. During the day I have 6 periods, therefore I have 24 kids in total. My job is simply to get kids who are below grade level on grade level. To be honest, my job is to put myself out of a job(let that sink in)… Continue Reading..

we had an mlk assembly at school today and they actually discussed trayvon martin and michael brown and eric garner it was really nice and everyone (white mostly) afterwards was like “i am so uncomfortable…i feel so attacked” it was honestly great