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Social studies teachers been lying??? Would it be so hard to believe? Corruption and racism have gone hand in hand for so long. Besides, ask Native Americans. The atrocities done to so many nations across America were rewritten. Once you investigate you see the systemic racism at all levels. Ask Japanese Americans about the concentration camps from WW2 and how their lives, property, businesses were stolen and destroyed. All these things are just blips in books.

She disrespected the Black Lives Matter movement in 140 characters and doesn’t stand up for civil rights unless she’s asked about it where she has to give a likable answer.

“But Selena is the most followed person on Instagram.” Well then tell that bitch to use her platform to support and discuss the problems going on.

She doesn’t wanna support BLM but is first in line for Abel’s black dick? That’s typical snow bunny behavior. If you’re a minority yourself, don’t you think you should speak on something’s if you want to be considered an activist?

Black Twitter needs to come for whoever made this shit.

And yeah, if she wants to be an activist that she claims she is, then she needs to speak on shit.

UPDATE : Nvm it was a joke, they just trynna get Selena dragged. But everything else is still true and Im not deleting


1960s Civil Rights Era, Bob Adelman

For those unfamiliar, Bob Adelman was the iconic photographer behind many of the thought-provoking, historical photographs of the Civil Rights Movement. 

A photographer and protest marcher, he spent a considerable amount of time fighting for justice and equal rights. His images capture groundbreaking moments, such as student sit-ins, Freedom Riders, the March on Washington and other significant events in Black history.