Our Lives are soo IB.

I find it hilarious to read the posts of friends on tumblr when we have our  English IOC coming up and most of the post during these times consists of inspirational texts we need to study for IOCs.

haha! :D

Our lives are soo IB.

Good bye Tumblr, for now

I’m going to ask someone to change me password. I need full attention and motivation to study for my exams which are exactly in a weeks time. Only if you weren’t this addictive I wouldn’t  be needing to do this but I guess this is the home of awesome, can’t help it. But I need to do awesome for les exams also. So hopefully I shall be back on after a couple of weeks.

Sorry followers, hopefully you won’t unfollow me (:

Happy Living to you all <3

clearly MLIIB.

I'm kinda proud of my high school achievements.

-I am in all IB classes and have a full schedule even in my senior year.

-Was part of at least 10 different clubs.

-Became Vice President of two clubs my junior year.

-Became a President or co-captain of another three my senior year. 

-Joined swim team.

-Competed in six different events: FBLA, DECA, Speech and Debate, Model United Nations, World Affairs Challenge, and swim. 

-Two time state qualifier in DECA.

-International participant in DECA.

-State and National qualifier in FBLA.

-Took third on the written portion of the World Affairs Challenge.

-Went to National Qualifications in Speech and Debate.

-Have a job.

-Currently enrolled in nine classes.

-Go out every weekend.

-Maintain a good relationship with friends and family.

-Have a boyfriend.

-Traveled to eight different nations.

-Play piano.

I am set to apply for colleges…. 


i think I died