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“Dude … We started very young and I think one thing I … I would not do anything different because I think I’m sitting on this bench now because I did things the way I did and the band did things the way we did, But I do wish … In a way I was … A little more fearless about my position once because, you know, there were not a lot of girls in my scenario when we were kids and there were lots of girls we had to admire, there was Gwen Stefani, there was Brody, from The Distillers, and Shirley Manson, and all these incredible women, Debbie Harry, Cindy Lauper, but I had no one my age around me who was a woman, was on a tour with boys twice my age and I do not think I showed it on the stage but I doubted myself much, and felt this loneliness turn into something I should not”. Hayley Williams for Behind The Brand,