letseyx said: Rules of love? wh

“Rules of Love” was a television film which aired in December 2010. It’s an “urban musical” and Daniel Anthony raps in it and does a little singing too (I prefer his singing, but I guess rap suited the character he played better) (it’s not his first musical performance, by the way, he’s played Young Simba in the Lion King Musical too, but that was a really long time ago). One of Anthony Stewart Head’s daughters is in it too (I know you like him, so I thought you were perhaps curious to know if his daughter inherited some of his talent? Personally, I wasn’t that impressed.) There’s a lot of lensflares and and if you love Paterson Joseph camping it up, you’d certainly be in for a hoot.

I do have to warn you that it is INCREDIBLY CHEESY. I watched it for Dan and to be honest, I skipped a lot of scenes where he wasn’t in (he plays the best friend of the main character). (And Paterson Joseph is awesome too with the material he’s given.) This face, though: