amadtributewithaship'S 1st anniversary!

Today is my first anniversary on tumblr and I’m doing a follow forever for all you lovely people. I’m amazed that I’ve gained 621 followers in just one year and I love all of you!

Special mentions to: @mirrorrook, @book-warrior, @lachattion and @mockingjaylives93 for being my most active followers. Love ya!

I’m going to try and do this in alphabetical order but I’ll probably fuck up somewhere.


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I’m pretty sure that I’ve missed some people out because I’m a forgetful little fuck and if you are one of the people I’ve missed then I am extremely sorry and please tell me. Thank you all once again for being amazing and here’s to another year of memes and blogging!

“But how could you forget? 1964? School trip, the pier? She fell, she died, and you were with her. You lived, and she died. Only that wasn’t meant to happen. The key moment, when everything in the world changed.”

Maria Jackson in “Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Part One. [Part Two]

Happy birthday to @chancehouse!


“It’s not brilliant, it just is.”

“It’s the sort of thing you say at the end of the world.”

Get to know me meme | 5 scenes [3/5]
Wizards vs. Aliens | 2x14 All Out War! Part 2 (2013)


One favourite Clyde Langer moment per televised story
(A post series initially started to celebrate his birthday in 2011, finally completed in 2016.)

Revenge of the SlitheenEye of the Gorgon | Warriors of Kudlak | Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?The Lost Boy

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From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love | Prisoner of the Judoon | The Mad Woman in the Attic | The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith | The Eternity Trap | Mona Lisa’s Revenge | The Gift

The Nightmare Man The Vault of Secrets | Death of the Doctor | The Empty Planet Lost in TimeGoodbye, Sarah Jane Smith

Sky | The Curse of Clyde Langer The Man Who Never Was


“Permission to perform is hereby granted. […] To all women.”