MLCSC: Band Tour Casting Call

Hello again. As you all should already know, I love having other people’s sims in my game. Why? Because it’s just a shit-ton more fun than EA’s sucky NPC townies. So I have yet another casting call. And this time, I can accept more sims without really caring much about how many I take besides worrying about the speed of my game and the amount of lots I have to store them.

So here’s the deal.

Night Crawlers are going to be releasing their first album in the next chapter of my story. Meaning, they’re about to go on tour. So, I’m gonna’ need lots of lovely sims to fill up Starlight Shores with since I can’t allow those ratchet looking, no-fashion-sense-having NPCs ruining my shots. So that’s where you guys get involved.

I’ll be excepting you guys’ sims into my game. Single sims, couples, families. Doesn’t matter. I’m accepting them all. Especially since I do in fact want to replace the townies. So the more the merrier.

Also, if you’d like to have more of an opportunity of seeing your sims actually in my game, submit some celebrities. They don’t have to be real celebrities. But they can be your own singers or acrobats or whatever that you made. But if you do submit some made up rapper or pop star, include a bio. Because most likely, their name will get called out and they will be at the random beach party or award show I have my band attend towards the end of their stay.

Really every entry should have some sort of bio but I’m not going to force you guys.

Last few things.

I have all the EPs except Supernatural and World Adventure. I also do not have any of the SPs. If you use CC, please make sure to link me. And please try not to use sliders. i mean, if you do, I won’t hunt you down or anything. But I don’t use them. Nuff said.

Tag your entries: justadashofsarcasm and MLCSC Tour Casting Call. and message me letting you know you’re entering in case the tag eats your post. :)

Before I could process anything, I was running after him. My arms wrapped around his torso as my head rested on the back of his neck. I wanted to say so many things to him. So many things dealing with what had just happened between us. But nothing felt right for the moment at hand. So instead, I let a simple, “Call me later,” slip out from between my lips.