As many of you know, askmlcblobs closed a few weeks back and I felt it necessary to commemorate it in some manner. Some of you may recall I have done this kind of thing before, and I thought it was time to do so again.
There isn’t much I can say about askmlcblobs that hasn’t already been echoed by many others throughout the fandom. I like many others was inspired by Rai’s work on the blog, and it was one of the blogs that motivated me to begin my own. There are many other blogs that inspired me of course, but mlcblobs was really the ask blog that became the catalyst for me. I still remember when the chubby rainbowdash meme was going around tumblr, which was the post that first got me started on the fancy blog. Although I, in league with many others, are saddened by its closing, all great things eventually come to an end. Thank you Rai for your continued inspiration and I wish you all the best in all your future artistic endeavors!
- Fancy Mod