Some very nice Cards fans keeps saying that they understand why we’re upset because it was just a shitty way for the game to end, but that’s not why I’m upset. I mean, I appreciate you not being a jerk about it and understanding our frustration, but that’s not why we’re upset. We’re upset because it was the wrong call. I don’t care how much preaching Cards fans or the Umps do, it was the wrong call. 

  1. Midds wasn’t in the base path, Craig should have went around him. Craig shouldn’t have been running anywhere besides the base line. 
  2. Craig held Midds down trying to get up, making it impossible for Midds to move
  3. People keep saying Midds intentionally threw his legs up in order to impede Craig’s running to home plate, but Jim Joyce said that Midds’ legs had nothing to do with it at all, and the only part of Midds that was even remotely close to the base line were his feet, and even those were a good foot or so away. 
  4. Jim Joyce wasn’t even looking at the play he was too busy watching the fucking ball 
  5. And finally what’s pissing me off the most is that people keep saying that Midds shouldn’t have dived anyway because he had no chance at the ball, but he couldn’t just fucking watch it fly by, he had to at least try and slow it down. 

I’m very good at staying unbiased with calls like that, if it was the Yankees or the Rays, 2 teams I despise, in the WS and that was called on them, I would be equally as pissed because it was the wrong fucking call, and Umps are supposed to get the call right, and this is the World Series, and mistakes like that can cost a team a championship. 

Sure, Salty shouldn’t have thrown the ball, but that’s irrelevant because even though Salty threw the ball badly, the ball still made it back to him in time to tag out Craig at home plate, it was the Ump’s call that fucked up the game. 

It was a bad call, end of story.