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July 19, 1909

In the top of the second inning of a 6-1 win over the Red Sox at Cleveland’s League Park, Neal Ball executes the first unassisted triple play in the post-1900 era of baseball. The Naps (Indians) shortstop catches an Ambrose McConnell line drive, steps on second to force out Heinie Wagner, and then tags Jake Stahl for the third out as he comes from first base.

Ball also records nine putouts at shortstop, another big league first. The diminutive infielder’s glove from that game will be enshrined at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Photo: Cleveland’s Neal Ball (2nd from left) poses with the three victims of his unassisted triple play.
Everything I know about life I learned in the dugout

Part 1

Lose graciously
and win gratefully.

Never lose the count
or count the losses.

Let your bat and glove do the talking.
Let the ball do the thinking.

A swing and a miss
is better than a miss.

There is crying in baseball.
But there is more laughter.

Extra innings are
free of charge.

There is no place
like home (plate).

There is literally a fine line
between fair and foul.

Baseball keeps track of players’ errors.
Baseball fans keep track of umpires’ errors.

The baseball gods
can and do use instant replay.

“Play ball!”

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PSA: You should be watching Pitch

Seriously.  This is a show about A WOMAN OF COLOR PITCHING IN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL.  Like, you know how with all the election talk, women are saying how when they were little girls, they never thought they could be President because of representation?  So I haven’t been identifying with that cause I never really thought about that as a kid (I didn’t want to be President, but I also just kinda figured I could if I wanted to).  But you know what I sure as hell thought I could never do?  Play baseball.  I played tee ball and was the only girl on the team.  Even now, when I’ve been following MLB for years, I just assumed that I would never see a woman play.  Even now, little girls aren’t playing baseball (my husband coached the ONLY girl in his league this summer).  They’re giving up, or else they’re switching to softball because the league tells them they can’t play.  I’d still like to see a real, live woman play in the real, live major leagues, but this is a hell of a step as far as letting little girls out there see some representation.  So please, give this show more ratings, it debuted to only 4 million viewers because it was competing with Thursday Night Football.  I’m begging you, give Pitch a chance!