mlb trade trees

Earlier on Twitter, @woedoctor took a good-natured jab at us, saying, “I’m beginning to think that @tradetrees has something against Padres fans.” for featuring the Gary Sheffield and Ruben Rivera trades back-to-back.  I promised him we’d find something positive for the Padres fans out there.

Goose Gossage was signed by the Padres at the beginning of 1984, and was instrumental in the Padres’ 1984 NL pennant. After 4 years, he was traded to the Cubs.

After Gossage, there are 10 generations of players for the Padres - which I’m pretty sure is the deepest tree we’ve ever done.  A lot of familiar names pop up in this tree.  Finley and Caminiti would be on the Padres’ only other pennant winning team in 1998.  At the very end of the tree, we see Michael Barrett who was on the team as recently as 2008.

This is a very large tree, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed someone or incorrectly colored them.  Please let us know if you see something incorrect.  I hope @woedoctor and the rest of our readers who are Padres fans like this one.

This is the biggest tree we’ve done so far, on par the Goose Gossage tree.  This one has 11 generations and 42 resultant players from Enos Slaughter.  Gossage had 10 generations and 42 players.

Slaughter was traded from the Cardinals to the Yankees in 1954.  The last player I saw in this tree to be playing was Lou Brock in 1979 - a 25 year span.  Slaughter, himself a Hall of Famer, spawned two more in Hoyt Wilhelm and Lou Brock.  While Brock is known mostly as a Cardinal, Wilhelm only spent part of 1957 there before being claimed off of waivers by the Indians.

Awhile back, some anonymous question alerted us that Randy Johnson may have been traded for himself.  It turns out our tipster was correct.

Johnson was traded by the Diamondbacks to the Yankees, only to return to Arizona two years later.   

Chris Owings and Eric Smith are compensation picks for the loss of Juan Cruz.  Owings spent 2009 in Rookie Ball, and 2010 in Low-A.  Smith split ‘09 between Rookie and Low-A, and 2010 between Low- and High-A ball.

Chris Young is still with the organization.  Evan MacLean was traded to St. Louis in 2009 for future considerations.  I could not find who, if anyone, was sent to Arizona in return.  Updates are welcomed.

@stern_daniel tweeted us, asking:

how about Jeff Kent? He had some good trades early in his career between the Mets, Blue Jays, Indians & Giants

Kent has been traded three times in his career.  He was traded from the Blue Jays to the Mets straight up for David Cone.  That’s the entire tree, pretty uninteresting.  His trade from the Indians to the Giants is a sub-tree in the Joe Carter Tree from last week.  That just leaves his trade from the Mets to the Indians.

The interesting part of this tree is Kent and Vizcaino were traded together from the Mets to the Indians, and then were again traded together from the Indians to Giants.  From 1994 to 1997, Kent and Vizcaino were teammates on three separate teams.

Things are slowly getting back to normal here after our vacation.  Thanks for being patient through the delay.  To get things going again, here is the ultimate Player Traded For Himself - Harry Chiti.

In April, 1962 the Mets acquired Chiti from the Indians for a player to be named later.  Two months later, Chiti was sent from the Mets to the Indians to complete the deal.  However, Chiti never played for the Indians.  He spent two more years at AAA before retiring.