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Tuesday, August 28, 2017 Canadian TV Listings (Times Eastern)


MLB BASEBALL (SN) 7:00pm: Red Sox at Jays

AMAZING RACE CANADA (CTV) 8:00pm: Double U-Turn ahead!

STILL STANDING (CBC) 8:00pm: Once known as the Wheat Capital of Canada, the people of Vulcan get creative so they can live long and prosper.

Sweet Caroline
Neil Diamond
Sweet Caroline

April 16, 2013

In tribute to the victims of yesterday’s Boston Marathon bombings, the fans at Yankee Stadium sing Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline, the anthem of AL East rival Boston Red Sox. Prior to their game against Arizona, the Yankees display their logo next to the Red Sox emblem with the words “United We Stand” on an outside video board.

Just one more reason baseball is the greatest sport in the history of ever.

MLB Power Rankings Through 6/15
  1. San Francisco Giants (43-27) (-)
  2. Oakland Athletics (42-27) (-)
  3. Milwaukee Brewers (41-29) (+1)
  4. Toronto Blue Jays (41-30) (-1)
  5. Detroit Tigers (36-29) (-)
  6. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (37-31) (-)
  7. Kansas City Royals (36-32) (+8)
  8. St. Louis Cardinals (37-32) (+5)
  9. Atlanta Braves (36-32) (+1)
  10. Los Angeles Dodgers (37-34) (+2)
  11. Washington Nationals (35-33) (-3)
  12. New York Yankees (35-33) (+4)
  13. Miami Marlins (35-33) (-2)
  14. Baltimore Orioles (35-33) (-)
  15. Pittsburgh Pirates (34-35) (+5)
  16. Colorado Rockies (34-35) (+6)
  17. Seattle Mariners (35-34) (-10)
  18. Cincinnati Reds (33-35) (+1)
  19. Texas Rangers (34-35) (-2)
  20. Cleveland Indians (35-35) (-11)
  21. Houston Astros (32-39) (-)
  22. Minnesota Twins (32-35) (+1)
  23. Chicago White Sox (33-37) (-5)
  24. Boston Red Sox (31-38) (-)
  25. Chicago Cubs (28-39) (+3)
  26. New York Mets (31-38) (-)
  27. Philadelphia Phillies (29-38) (+2)
  28. Arizona Diamondbacks (30-42) (-1)
  29. San Diego Padres (29-40) (-4)
  30. Tampa Bay Rays (27-43) (-)

Current playoff standings:

National League:

  1. San Francisco Giants
  2. Milwaukee Brewers
  3. Atlanta Braves
  4. Wild card - St. Louis Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

American League:

  1. Oakland Athletics
  2. Toronto Blue Jays
  3. Detroit Tigers
  4. Wild card - Los Angeles Angels vs. Kansas City Royals
The Crystal Ball of 2011

If you’re a fan of the world, there’s a chance you know this time of the year quite well. The weather’s getting warmer. The wintery clothes are being pushed towards the rear of closets. And best of all, pundits from all shades of the globe begin making their predictions for the 2011 MLB campaign. [And do so with the belief that they actually know what’s going to happen.] So without further adieu, allow me to wave my hands over a crystal ball that’ll render itself mute regarding the future:

AL East


New York


Tampa Bay


Nuggets: Although the Yanks are aging, Tampa’s gone into rebuild [or is it reload] mode. Baltimore picked up some interesting fellas while the bears were hibernating, and Toronto’s still a hockey town. Boston will go as far as their pitching staff will take them.

AL Central



Kansas City



Nuggets: Ozzie Guillen’s tweets and on-field antics will be the sole source of entertainment in this division. There’s nothing glamorous about the AL Central; but with the youth in KC and Morneau not playing every day, the ChiSox won’t have much to worry about.

AL West

Los Angeles

Texas [wild card]



Nuggets: Before you call me a homer, I’ll take a page from Bill Nye the Science Guy and ask you to consider the following: Will the Rangers’ staff keep them in games, and will Oakland’s O strain their staff by not scoring enough? The Halos have a proven staff. And with Izzy leading off, the spark that stalled the O last season returns.

NL East


Atlanta [wild card]



New York

Nuggets: The Phils won’t miss Utley during the first month or so of the season, as they’ve been given the league’s easiest schedule. Atlanta’s youth will be fun to watch, as will Mike Stanton in Florida. Wish the same could be said for Strasberg and the “Natinals.”

NL Central

St. Louis






Nuggets: Ain’t nothin’ better than Big Albert in a contact year; had Milwaukee finishing second until their injuries started to stew; led again by 2010 MPV Votto, the Reds will prove they’re here to stay; Chicago arrives with fresh new manager; and then there’s Pittsburgh and Houston. Yup.

NL West

San Francisco


Los Angeles

San Diego


Nuggets: There’s no such thing as a World Series hangover when you’ve got pitching galore and you play in a division that doesn’t hit very well. Although, the Rockies can hit… thanks to altitude. The Los Angeles McCourts, Gonzalez-less Pads, and DBacks will all finish below .500.

World Series

Boston vs. St. Louis – Boston wins in 6

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