mlb record

I wanna talk about this amazing shot really quick

First, the fastest MLB pitch on record as of today belongs to Adrolis Chapman at 105.1 mph (169.1 km/h). 

It’s probably safe to say that Ezor’s knife is traveling at or a little over this speed when it’s being hurtled at Keith in ep 6. That’s a pretty fast moving target. That’s roughly 47 meters per second, more if you want to take into account that her knife is lighter than a baseball and probably traveling faster. Let’s just say 50 for good measure. That’s still pretty fast. That’s roughly covering the distance of half a football field in one second. 

Second I want to talk about skeet shooting. Skeet shooting is a firearm sport where clay targets are shot out of the air with a firearm. The targets fly at roughly 45 mph (20~mps). That’s less than half the speed of the flying knife. Additionally, skeet shooting is performed with a shotgun, which fires out a spray of projectiles, increasing the chances of hitting the target.

Lance not only shoots the knife out of the air at over twice the speed of a skeet target (and possibly faster than the world record MLB pitch), but with a single linear shot. And that’s not even factoring in Keith, who Lance, on top of this already amazing feat, avoids easily. 

And THATS not even factoring in this he does all this UNDER PRESSURE AND AT A MOMENTS NOTICE! They should call him Quick Draw McClain!

Lance’s accuracy with his weapon is amazing in and of itself. It’s clear he has had prior training and possesses an incredibly keen eye. And it requires a lot more skill than I think people give him credit for. 

Lance IS a sharpshooter. That’s his thing and he’s damn good at it. 

does anybody know what happens to the ‘you will be found’ projections  when mike faist is out of dear evan hansen? i mean, they usually show pictures of when mike was younger, back when he was a kid/teenager. so do they show pictures of the younger self of the actor playing connor? do they still show pictures of mike faist, or do they not show any pictures at all?

edit: shouldvehadatveit was kind enough to answer. here’s the answer:
“They use photos of whoever is currently on. They do the same thing with Evan’s speech, where if MLB is on as Evan it’s a recording of MLB doing the speech.”

Idina Menzel's 2014 in review
  • Headlined a Broadway show
  • 300+ previews and performances of If/Then
  • Performed at the Oscars 
  • Nominated for a Tony Award
  • Performed at the Tony Awards
  • Became a Power of Woman NY honoree
  • Sold out her cover of Billboard Magazine 
  • Sold out Radio City Music Hall
  • Performed at the MLB All-Star Game
  • Recorded a Christmas album 
  • Announced a world tour
  • Promoted Frozen, If/Then and her album
  • Dozens of television interviews and performances
  • Reached over 1 million Facebook likes
  • Performed at the Macys Thanksgiving Parade
  • Performed at CMA Country Christmas
  • Did an iHeart radio concert
  • Performed at Rockerfeller Centre Tree Lighting 
  • Flew to London to perform on the X Factor
  • Honoured as Billboard’s Breakthrough Artist of the Year
  • And will finish off the year singing in Time Squares on New Years Eve

So what have you done this year?