mlb champs

To the fans that sat through the cold 2005 season (75-87), the awful 2006 season (76-85), the worst 2007 season (71-91), and the pretty bad 2008 season (72-90), this is for us, for those fans who stuck with our team through the worst years, through the years of 20,000 fans in attendance, we were there through it all, and now we can celebrate like no other fans, this is amazing and I still can't believe it. 3 in 5 baby, 3 in 5.

A Buster hug means you did something great. An amazing postseason for MadBum, just as not even a Giants fan but a baseball fan, he was incredible to watch. This specific group of guys has really impressed me this year. They had some really low lows that they managed to overcome and persevere and then win it all. You guys made me proud, and hats off to the Royals, most exciting and torturous series I’ve ever experienced. Let’s party on Friday boys!!!!!