Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

“Masquerader” - By emzurl

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Last page! Thanks to everyone for sticking around this long (it’s been 21 weeks o_o;;) and I hope you all enjoyed it! I’ll be taking a bit of a break from ML, but I do have another comic in the works so look out for that in the future ;D

Okay but I’m a SUCKER for the stories where Adrien runs away from home and is Chat Noir all the time instead because he can’t stand being neglected anymore and forced to model and watch his weight and do all these things his father wants him to do, and as Chat he’s free to do as he likes and people pay attention to him for what he’s done rather than his looks.
But I’ve only ever found one story like that.
I kinda want to find a story like that again, where he hides his civilian form in some abandoned house nobody bothers with anymore because its ancient and a symbol of history but nobody really cares about it at all. There are no windows and its in pretty good shape, but old and dusty and not even the mice care for it.
He lives there, going out as Chat when he feels people are getting too close to his location, always careful about nobody seeing him.
He gets food from places around town that adore him, like the cheese shop or Marinette’s bakery or the sandwich shop down the road, and through night time scrounging in the fountain he always has some money to pay for it all, though free food isn’t something he’ll pass up.
But he does see how his disappearance is affecting the town. Nino doesn’t smile as much, Chloe is actually worried sick, Marinette is making Search posters, even Ladybug herself is concerned and helping with the investigation.
It comes to a head when Ladybug starts asking him where Adrien could be, and he’s frankly enjoying the free life, so he tells her Adrien obviously doesn’t want to be found at this point, which is over two months. This leads to an argument and he snaps. He tells her in the coldest voice she’s ever heard from him to forget about Adrien, he’s gone and he isn’t coming back, and now Chat has to leave because he’s running low on power.
The rest I have more of an outline on, but tbh I have no computer so I can’t wrote it myself.
Point is, I love Adrien running away from home to be Chat Noir fics.
Anyone have any suggestions for me?

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10. Juleka please! I think she would be so cute/cool. Could you make it so that Rose obviously have it to her/put it on her?

10- Juleka wearing a flower crown (and Rose) 

“I look like an idiot.”- DjWifi “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” LadyNoir or “We shouldn’t be doing this” MariChat  

“I look like an idiot,” Nino complained.

“You look so cute!” Alya squealed.

Nino was wearing a Toy Story Woody outfit, complete with cowboy boots, red handkerchief, and giant cowboy hat. He had never, in his entire life, worn boots with heels. And the hat pushed his glasses uncomfortably into his face. He felt stupid.

“Oh, come on! You said I could pick the outfit!” Alya said. “And I already bought my Jessie outfit!”

Nino sighed, taking the hat off. “I was totally trusting you to pick a good outfit, but this is way overboard. Why do we even have to match anyway?”

“We told Adrien and Marinette we would each do a couples costume for Halloween,” she reminded him. The school was throwing a Halloween dance, and they had planned on a double date. “And then we agreed on a Disney theme.”

“This barely counts as Disney. It’s technically a Pixar movie,” Nino pointed out. “And couldn’t you have chosen a different Disney couple?”

“Like what?”

“Like, I dunno, any of them?”

“Pleeease?” Alya pouted. “I’ll spend all day tomorrow doing anything you want!”

Nino put his head in his hand. He was so going to get her back for this.

The next week, Alya and Nino were waiting outside on the school steps for their friends. Nino kept adjusting his handkerchief and glasses. Alya looked adorable in her Jessie outfit. She had ditched her glasses in favor of contacts, so she wasn’t having the same troubles.

Marinette and Adrien turned the corner, causing Alya and Nino to gasp. Marinette was wearing a stunning Snow White dress. Her short hair was free of its pigtails, and a red bow had taken their place. Next to her, Adrien was wearing a Prince Charming outfit. He even had a red cloak hanging off his shoulders. They both looked ridiculously adorable.

“See?” Nino cried, pointing at them. “Why couldn’t you choose a princess and a prince outfit?”

Alya ignored him, running down the steps to meet Marinette. They squealed and fawned over each other’s costumes while Nino clumped down awkwardly in his boots.

“You look like you drew the short end of the stick,” Adrien said.

“No kidding.” Nino adjusted his glasses again. “You’re lucky you’re with Marinette. She chose an awesome costume for you.”

Adrien scratched the back of his head. “Actually, she wanted me to pick the costume.”

Nino’s mouth fell open. “Really, dude?”

Alya suddenly pulled Nino’s arm. “Come on, let’s go dance!”

Nino looked at Adrien, mouthing, “Help!” as he was dragged up the steps and onto the dance floor.

But while Nino tripped over his shoes, and stepped on Alya’s feet, and felt stupid and ridiculous, he was doing all of this with her. He would have never subjected himself to such embarrassment with anyone else, and that’s when he knew he would someday ask this girl to marry him.
This one ended up being one of my favorites so far! I had a ton of fun writing it, so I hope you have a ton of fun reading it, anon! Also, I had to feature Adrinette because I imagined them in their costumes and I couldn’t let it go, lol.

April 25, 1937

Cliff Melton becomes the first rookie to fan at least 10 batters in his major league debut, finishing with 13 strikeouts in a complete-game loss to the Braves at the Polo Grounds. The 25-year-old, who loses the game due to the poor defense of the Giants in the ninth inning, will hold the rookie record for K’s in his debut until Dodger freshman Karl Spooner whiffs 15 batters in his first major league start in 1954.

“I look like an idiot.”- DjWifi “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.” LadyNoir or “We shouldn’t be doing this” MariChat 

 Chat Noir landed on Marinette’s balcony after a very boring patrol. He started visiting her about a month ago on a whim. He had wanted someone to talk to as Chat Noir. He had plenty of friends as Adrien, but it was easier to be Chat Noir than Adrien.

Today, Marinette had been pretty down about her crush on Adrien. Chloe had heard that Adrien had a crush on someone, and her pompous attitude meant she paraded around telling everyone it was only a matter of time before she and Adrien were dating. Although Marinette doubted he had a crush on Chloe, it meant that he had a crush on someone else.

They had talked about their pining, unrequited loves for a while. Chat Noir had put his arms around Marinette in a hug and said, “I’m sure he’ll come around. You’d make a good girlfriend for anyone.”

And Marinette, who was tired of having a hidden crush, tired of wondering and waiting, tired of trying to impress someone who would only see her as a friend, stretched up to her tiptoes.

Chat Noir returned the kiss for a moment, the feeling of affection from another human being sweeping him away. He had a lot of the same built up feelings as her, but his common sense came back before hers did.

He pulled away very suddenly. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

Marinette pushed her hair behind her ear. “Was it that bad?”

“No, no!” he assured her. “It’s not that. It’s just… We’re both in love with other people.”

“I know, I just…” She sighed. “I just felt like, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be with you.”

“Aren’t you just saying that because you can’t have the guy you like?”

Marinette sat down on the chaise, tears sparkling in her eyes. “I’m sorry for kissing you. I didn’t mean to ruin our friendship.”

Chat Noir knelt in front of her and took her hand. “You didn’t ruin it. I just want us to start our relationship the right way.” He reached up to wipe away the tear that had spilled over. “Why don’t we go on a date?”


“Yeah, let’s go on a date,” he insisted. “Let’s see where it goes.”

Marinette bit her lip. “When?”

“Saturday,” he answered. “That will give us three days to decide on what we want. That way, we’ll be together not because we’re lonely, but because we want to be.”

She nodded, and Chat Noir placed a kiss on the top of her head.

“I’ll see you on Saturday, Princess,” he said.

And that was the beginning of Chat Noir and Marinette’s relationship.
This one ended up a little sadder than I meant for it to be, lol. I tend to let my writing take me wherever it wants to go, instead of the other way around. Anyway, I hope you loved it, Nonny!