Truth series: Mladenka's Request

My name is Mladenka, insect, and what I just told you is a sacred lie.

Oh, you don’t understand? You don’t understand? It must be nice to live such a sheltered life.

No, child, it is a sacred lie. There is truth in this world, as there is Truth, and this is Truth’s counterpart: the elegant tapestry of lies. Yes, like elven glamours. The elves come from us, you know, just as you come from the dwarves. No, I shan’t explain. I have no time for progenics.

Your task is simple: Steal one of the dwarven artifacts and return it to me. My magic is insufficient, and I am set on discovering the magic of my enemies.

Impossible?! Worm! I give you a trivial task! You shall complete it – lest I crush you where you stand!

Run! Run far, and do not return until the artifact may be returned to me!