ml origins

A basic summary of how the ML squad reunites after an akuma attack.

(Based on that one scene from Beyond the Boundary)

The Devil’s in the Details

I’ve been watching so much Ladybug that Netflix decided to give us a recommendation.  One of those “this has a 5% chance of being like the show you were watching” deals.  I don’t really watch anime, but Dave keeps trying to get me into it.

It’s called Hataraku Maō-sama! (The Devil Is a Part-Timer!) and is exactly as it sounds.  The leader of the demons gets turned into a teenager and works at a rip-off of McDonald’s.  There was a manga series in 2011 and it was made into a 13-episode anime series in 2013.

Not only is it funny as crap, I think Netflix is onto something with that Ladybug reference.

Adrien, you ridiculous dork.  Stop getting your social cues from anime.



Two normal teenagers who use their time-sensitive powers to fight evil together, all the while snarking at the other person…and the girl keeps denying feelings she has towards him.  Yeah.  I see Netflix’s point.

For some reason I am really attached to the idea of Adrien making bad first impressions on people because of the association with Chloe? And then blowing them out of the water just by being his cinnamon roll self. So this idea jumped out at me as inspired by the scene in Origins where Adrien literally flings himself off his climbing wall like an idiot who has definitely done that before and will do it again.

Like imagine early on, maybe the second day of school before everyone has figured out what a sweetheart he is, they have gym class, and no one knew they had to explain to Adrien about wearing gym clothes so he’s wearing jeans and impractical footwear. And of course, he appologizes profusely to the teacher, saying he didn’t know there was gym today and didn’t bring anything to change into, completely unaware that Chloe uses this excuse all the time. So the class is collectively rolling their eyes, and the gym teacher is aggravated, because the last thing he needs is another rich brat thinking the rules don’t apply to them, so he decides to make an example.

He says today’s lesson is very important and so he’ll have to make due barefoot, and that he can even come up first and help show the rest of the class what they’re doing today. And Nino and Marinette, plus some of the more kindhearted students are all wincing on his behalf, while everyone else feels pretty vindictive about getting to watch Chloe’s friend embarrass himself.

Of course Adrien is an oblivious sweetheart and is just completely thrilled that not only does he not have to sit out his first ever gym class for being unprepared, he gets to go first! And so of course he beams and agrees enthusiastically, to which most people present become suspicious over what he has planned, while Nino and Marinette bemoan that their new friend is too good for this world.

As luck, and Narrative convenience, would have it, the first activity for that day is the Climbing Wall. (Their school is fucking fancy they would definitely have one) Everyone fears and loathes the Climbing Wall, because it’s difficult and terrifying, and there are no harnesses, just thick mats to break your fall. No one’s ever actually been injured on it, but there are plenty enough urban legends going around the school to convince the general student body that it’s a deathtrap.

There are collective looks of sympathy, because not even one of Chloe’s lackeys deserves the Climbing Wall (so dreaded that its name is always capitalized) on their first day in gym.

Adrien is understandably completely thrilled because he has one just like it at home and he is gonna rock this. Pun definitely intended.

The gym teacher explains the rules (start behind the red line, run when the whistle blows, go as fast as you can, timer stops after you’ve hit the roof and made it back down to the ground) Adrien is practically vibrating with excitement, Marinette thinks she’s about to die of second hand embarrassment, Nino is biting his nails, Chloe is trying to hide a smirk and no one knows why (she’s been to Adrien’s house, after all), and everyone else is sitting back, ready to watch Adrien fall all over himself.

The gym teacher blows his whistle and Adrien is off like a fucking shot, sprinting to the wall and then making his way up it just as quickly. His class is half certain that he is somehow part monkey, and Marinette and Nino have just enough time to share a relieved look before he taps the ceiling and then launches himself into open air.

Several people shriek in horror, but Adrien rolls expertly when he hits the mats, and comes up grinning, only a little out of breath, and asks what his time was.

There is a moment of silence before the gym teacher let’s out a terrified and furious screech of “AGRESTE!”

Adrien turns red with shame and guilt, and because he is a cinnamon roll to his core, completely misinterprets what he did wrong.

“Sorry! Is that not allowed? I should have thought- sorry.” He rubs the back of his head sheepishly “I can go back up and climb down again properly, if you want sorry.”

At this point he is under the inspection of the baffled stares of everyone in the room and the gym teacher is put in the position to explain that no, the problem wasn’t that that was cheating, it’s that you flung yourself into the air with no regard for life and limb and gave everyone a collective heart attack, and you are never going up on that thing again for all our sakes.

Which prompts Adrien to be like “Oh! But there were mats, I thought that’s what they were there for, plus they’re a much better target than my couch back home and I’ve only missed that twice.”

“You’ve done this before? With a couch? WHY?”

“Because the floor was lava. Uh, Sir.”

And that is how the entire class found out that Adrien Agreste is a precious sunbeam with no regard for his own safety who must be protected at all costs.

The iconic last scene of the origins episode took place in the rain not only because it was a moody backdrop to a cinematically beautiful moment but because it was meant to symbolize Destruction and Creation coming together for the first time out of superpowered suits, marking the end of what both characters had known, as well as the beginning of who they could become. The rain is meant to symbolize washing away and destroying what had come before and bringing new life, and it was in this way that the creators contextualized what would become and has been the heart and soul of this show. In this essay I will-

People talk about Lila being able to read the book about the Miraculous, but think about it

The book is written in a lost language that even Tikki can’t read (maybe it’s something only the Guardian can read or something), but I’ve seen people talk about an error where Lila knows the fox hero’s name is “Volpina”, HOWEVER, when Adrien and Marinette first get their Miraculous in Origins, neither Plagg nor Tikki tell them what their superhero name is - they name their selves! So that got me thinking, with “Volpina” relating to “volpe” (the Italian word for fox), and Lila being Italian, all she had to do was see the fox-like designs and name herself. Chances are, whoever gets the real fox Miraculous will get to name their self, and it probably won’t be “Volpina” because like… akuma.

This has probably been pointed out already but I haven’t seen anyone say it and every now and then I see a post trying to criticise this so I just thought I’d shout out to put my mind at peace 

The face that launched the ship

So I’m watching Evillustrator (Le Dessinateur) and came across this scene.

What’s with Chat’s face?  I mean, he sees this girl every day.  Is he surprised that Ladybug wants him to protect someone he knows in his civilian life?  I think that’s part of it, but I also think it’s more complicated.

Sure, he sees Marinette daily, but 90% of the time he sees her like this:

That’s quite the difference.  When she’s talking to him, she’s usually nervous and going from one emotion to the next so quickly it’s a surprise she doesn’t get whiplash.  Her arms are also either flailing or held close to her body.

Whereas in the picture, she’s focused, confident and open.

…Kind of like the traits he fell for in Ladybug…


Squad Miraculous: Comic Cover Collab 

This was an amazing fan project I had the honor to be part of. Thanks to the sweet @powerdragonmoon <3

I chose to make the Origins part 2 alternative version and even when I struggled a lot to get this done, the whole experience was really fun :)

Don’t forget to check out all the covers using the #SquadMiraculousCollab and #SquadMiraculousCovers tags and follow @squadmiraculous for more squad projects!

Made For Each Other

Marinette’s signature pattern borrowed from @lady-buginette