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I hope Astruc gets things under control with the scheduling and writing and all that, lest he shall be likened to Nero, and watch his empire crumble around him


I stop trusting this person and thats all. Especially when its about…writing. I doubt he controls scheduling tho. But he is supposed to control production of episodes.

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I hate to assume, but it seems you've mentioned me! I just noticed you asked for an update on my anti-ladynoir friend! I meant to tell you awhile ago, but I keep forgetting. According to her, LadyNoir isn't valid, but MariChat is, partially just because it's cute. When I said LadyNoir was adorable, she simply replied with, "Not really..."

YOU ARE CORRECT thank you for answering the call I’m glad to hear from u again hope ur well

SHE. IS. WRONG!!! LadyNoir is EXTEMELY valid and so is MariChat for more reasons than being cute whadda hell. “Not really… ?” “Not rEALLY?!” REALLY? huh okay. mmhmmmm. I was gonna make gifs for these but I have super pressing things irl rn and this could not wait. I need to talk about how wrong this is.

List Of Things “Not Really” Adorable, according to this friend, with moments I remember in particular:

  • FRIENDLY TROLLING (puppeteer, reflekta)
  • PLAYFULNESS like when he sit her on lap for surprise bird’s eye view of city in mime, and antibug when shE RING HIM BELL
  • THE NICKNAMES? My lady, minou, LB, chaton, bugaboo (teasing), matou (annoyed)
  • THE LAUGHTER AND JOY (that one time they were chuckling together in Antibug I cry every time)
    • >LB laughing because of CN anywhere from out loud to giggling (end of puppeteer, during gigantitan)
    • >CN actually rarely laughs or chuckles but LB gets the softest smiles out of him… when she’s not looking (again, all the time, but I keep thinking of mime and ofc origins) and genuine delight (thinking origins again, “whoa. this girl is awesome. this girl is crazy awesome!” [paraphrased]) and COMBO of BOTH watching her leave in reflekta iirc
  • THE PROTECTIVENESS, PATIENCE, and RESPECT. They showed this from the start in Climatika/Stormy Weather (I consider 1st or 2nd ep) so this is even before development:
    • >CN was frozen just staring at CITY BUS INCOMING UH OH so LB pulled him in to protect them… then bonked him on the head w yoyo lol, she got sheepish and he looked mildly annoyed. (it was funny and cute :3c)
    • >LB needed time to figure out lucky charm so CN pulled her in to provide shelter from hail while she did. Shortly before (show mirrors events & order of all the time) he kept holding her hand unnecessarily until she gave him a mildly annoyed look so he let go and looked sheepish. (it was funny and cute :3c)
      • >>(I’m having universe brain moment over umbrella scene parallel w spinning staff overhead to deflect hail rn)
  • THE TRUST? To do same ep again, the LB detransforming scene where she told CN they couldn’t know IDs and went into a closet w door ajar; CN’s facial expression showed how he fought against his own wishes to close it fully, leaving her alone like she wanted.
    • >STOP. Parallel time: Dark Owl, LB’s plan totally dependent on CN agreeing to her saying to detransform and give miraculous (remember, they had one shot because of time: they were slowly going to be drowned and she had already used her lucky charm. Owl couldn’t see them but could hear.) This time HE pointed out they couldn’t know IDs, then again visibly fought against himself to remove his ring and have faith in her.
  • THE SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT!!! “They won’t make it without us, and we’re going to prove it to them.” “Chat Noir and I, we’re a team.” “You’re amazing.” “You know you’re irreplaceable, right?”
    • >every. single. fistbump. Especially them doing it smug af in kung food when LB slid against the closet door in that freaking thronelike chair and CN was like “not bad~”
  • BREAKING (me) NEWS: CRITICAL LEVELS OF SOFTNESS. The one scene in Zombizou u know the one. Sandboy.

I’m on mobile so this is way too slow to continue but other ppl feel free to add.

In conclusion, I can only surmise ur friend DOESN’T REALLY find a total power couple of two rly intense ppl being soft w each other, sharing joy and laughter, keeping each other safe, reassuring each other, trusting and respecting each other w lit everything, and just having so much fun adorable. NOTHING ADORABLE ABOUT THAT AT ALL. ಠ_ಠ

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Which akuma is the situation that is your favorite? Either by laughing, or concept, or even just the actions they took?

Dark Owl was rather funny and surprisingly effective. Audimatrix and Riposte seemed the most hell bent on murder—it was a bit of a shock.

Volpina was also close to yielding the miraculous, I thought the technique of gaining their trust and betrayal was super interesting and different than the usual approach. I hope akumas become more unconventional in the future.

A basic summary of how the ML squad reunites after an akuma attack.

(Based on that one scene from Beyond the Boundary)

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I always wanted to see a piece where Marinette save Chat Noir princess style and Chat Noir questions everything, cause damn Marinette is strong.... >> you know just a suggestion

good idea 

shes buff and pissed 


marinette: do you even eat?? 


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I saw a post saying that luka might take the snake miraculous.I would love to see him in the suittt

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I needed some time to think about and ofc I drew more than enough again, omggg

And Im very bad when its about weapons, Im so sorry, nothing creative, just nasty ideas in my head asdfasgfd

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I saw a comic where lb gave cn a scarf and that got me thinking... what if adrien notices how similar the scarf she gave him and the scarf that his dad "gave" him? "Holy shit Plagg! My dad is Ladybug!!"

Marinette: [trips on the ice]

Adrien: [skates by] Hey Marinette, need a hand?

Marinette: Um—

Luka: [skates to her other side] Mari, let me help you up.

Marinette: I—

Kagami: [pushes the guys aside]

Kagami: Take notes, boys.

Kagami: [scoops Marinette up and skates away with her, bridal style]



  • Plagg: whatcha watching?
  • Adrien: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
  • Plagg: *sweats nervously*
  • *on the TV*
  • Milo: I mean, how did [Atlantis] end up down here?
  • Kida: It is said that the gods became jealous of Atlantis. They sent a great cataclysm and banished us here.
  • Adrien: ...
  • Adrien: Plagg, did you--?
  • Plagg: You can't prove anything!