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Cigarettes and Leather Ch. 5

A/N: WOOOOOOW! So it took me over a month to write this chapter, particularly because it is very plot heavy. Now, it may seem confusing when you finish reading it, because there will be a lot of unanswered questions in this chapter…but rest assured, they will all be answered in due time! Just trust me on this ;)

Summary: Marinette is left with more unanswered questions than she prefers, and it’s only a Monday! 

Word Count: 4,674

Rating: T+

The courtyard was unusually quiet as Marinette stepped through the front gates of the school, gaze sweeping past the groups of whispering students huddled amongst themselves. This would not have perturbed her as much as was if it were not for the fact that the courtyard was almost always filled with jittery chatter and laughter in the morning. Even Alya, who never failed to meet her on the school steps, was nowhere to be found.

Something was definitely off.

The Ladybug part of her flashed with that familiar sensation of warning, invisible sirens ringing in her ears.  

I’ll bet anything that it has something to do with what happened last night!

Though she was still unclear on what transpired the night before, Marinette could only assume it was something big if even her fellow classmates were disturbed.

Though, usually, everyone is more apathetic to a disaster…unless…

Cognizance lit up in her head like a light-bulb, harsh and more revealing to the truth than she had wanted it to be. Marinette caught herself stumbling back in near shock and horror, earning a few strange looks from the students around her, not that it mattered. Everything made sense now; from the late-night murmurs of the urgent newsperson to the empty chill that passed through the air of the school, all the puzzle pieces seemed to fall into place…

Someone from the must have school got hurt. Badly.

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