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It’s video game day for @miraculous-weeks‘s AU week and I was meant to draw this but I’m an idiot and forgot my tablet so I’ll just explain it instead and draw it later

  • A Miraculous Splatoon AU where Ladybug and Chat Noir are inklings who use their special powers (Lucky Charm and Cataclysm) along with their weapons to fight against the Octarians who are invading their land
  • (Ladybug mains the Octoshot Replica and Chat Noir mains the Krak-On Splat Roller … I went into too much detail on this I’m sorry I just love Splatoon)
  • The Squid Sisters, aka Agents 1 and 2, are Aurore and Mireille, weather announcers as well as pop idols! … who don’t really get along well with each other.
  • Plagg the cat has been around since the humans were around and therefore is thousands of years old. He loves cheese and sleeping and might give you advice if you ask for it. He’s the one who announces the winners and losers of turf wars.
  • Captain Fu is an old turtle hanging out in his shack in Octo Valley and watching out for Octarians. Once he realizes they’re up to something, he recruits Ladybug and Chat Noir and gives them their special powers to help the Squid Sisters fight the Octarians away.
  • Juleka is the dodgy emo sea urchin who helps order new gear off the black market for squids. She likes snails. (Listen the first time I saw Spyke in the game I literally said out loud “IS THAT JULEKA WITH SPIKY HAIR”)
  • Mylene is a cute anemone who sells headgear at her shop (HER HAIR IS LITERALLY JUST LIKE ANNIE’S)
  • DJ Bubbler is the leader of the Octarians who Ladybug and Chat Noir must eventually defeat. He’s a DJ octopus who plays sick music during the final battle and shoots bubbles of paint as an attack.
  • The classmates are inklings living in Inkopolis who love turf wars, ranked battles and splatfests! They all have their own favourite weapons: Alya - .96 Gal, Chloe - Tentatek Splattershot, Sabrina - Tri-Slosher, Rose - Carbon Roller Deco, Nath - Inkbrush, Alix - Aerospray RG, Kim - Aerospray MG, Max - E Litre 3K Scope, Ivan - Heavy Splatling, Lila - Gold Dynamo Roller
  • Jagged Stone is king of the Killer Wail. He does it with a guitar somehow and calls it “Shocking Riff”.

Surprise! :D Here’a late Christmas/early New Year treat from us to you: An illustrated comic fic (in the form of a mini-zine)!

It was initially a collaboration between @sarahcada and I on Christmas night that escalate from a series of simple sketches and 200-word drabble to an almost fully-colored comic and almost 1K-long fic (in one night too). @kwamikwami and @portentous-offerings also contributed with their input later on ;)

So without further ado, here is The Best Idea!



I imagine that when Marinette finally asks Adrien on a date it will be with full Ladybug confidence and full Marinette awkwardness. (She probably fell into that position and only narrowly avoided calling him “hot stuff”)

Thank you to everyone who came to the stream! Bonus doodles under the cut:

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me: happy new year

also me: have you ever stopped to think about the fact that the only time we saw adrien actually truly uncontrollably laugh out loud s1 was during the umbrella scene because of marinette and is this representative and symbolic of the freedom and happiness adrien feels around marinette and can we take this as a sign that he is incredibly fond of her and will we see more of this carefree adrien in later seasons especially once the reveal occurs and do you think i will ever get over these two


From the video showcasing contest winner Vivica and crew members figuring out her character and the episode, I noticed a few things about it in the background written on a whiteboard.

- Suggestions for the character that are crossed out and labeled with IP are ones I’m guessing the crew have already created for future episodes, with IP maybe standing for “in progress.” Those are a swimmer and a kickboxer (Anansi on the latter, perhaps?)

- Kwami healer is listed, but I don’t know if that’s a rejected idea or a potential idea for the character Vivica.

- Character Vivica is a vet who is a fan of Cat Noir. She has a bad feeling that Cat, which is probably an abbreviation for Cat Noir, gets a lack of attention.

- Hawk Moth, who “knows Cat very well,” is jealous of Vivica or something to related to her.

Qooky’s Informally Written ML Fic Rec

So some of you know that I recently sent a fic-rec list via chat to one of my college friends (actually, make that twice now), and there are those who’ve asked that I post it here! Well, this isn’t really a fic-rec list, as more of an author-rec list since I didn’t have enough time to go over each fic and list them down. So I just sent them a list of authors for them to check out and choose which fics to read from them. 

Disclaimer: My descriptions may NOT be entirely accurate so forgive me. I was trying to “sell” these fics to my college friends. I’m sorry but I’m too lazy/tired to link to each fic so I just bolded the mentioned fics. Also, this is based on my reading which, compared to a lot of people, actually isn’t that much xD This list is a year’s worth of my reading.

Also, tagging @greendoodle and @deusbex

Without further adieu, here is the list (with my informal commentary because I made it short, snippy and personal, since these were for someone).

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Ladynoir on the eiffel tower, hands drifting closer together? Or ladynoir playing tag on the rooftops of Paris? (I am such  sucker for these kids)

i drew the end of the game @lochnessie


I should be studying for my midterms but I can’t resist drawing these two cuties. Like seriously, imagine if

  • Felix is Adrien’s older brother by a year.
  • Adrien is in his rebellious stage which means he always gets into trouble without even knowing for some odd reason.
  • Felix being a responsible older brother to Adrien which is a really a pain considering that Adrien keeps getting into trouble.
  • Felix gets into trouble with their father because of Adrien.
  • Felix being a bit nicer only to Adrien and tells him to just be himself.
  • Felix only opens up to Adrien and Adrien does the same.
  • Felix is Chat Noir for only a year since he refused to be Chat Noir after their mother disappeared. He didn’t want to leave Adrien side especially now that their mother is gone. (PS He worked with another miraculous holder but not ladybug).
  • Felix finding out Adrien is the new Chat Noir but keeps it a secret (even to Adrien)

Anyone with me? No? Okay, I’ll continue study now 

Theories on the Future Unknown Miraculous Holder

On February 9, 2017, Lindalee Rose made a post on the Miraculous Amino app about her recent visit to Zag Studios stating this:

I also got to see some of the artists like my friend Angie Nasca working on some of the new character designs for season two and three of the show. I was so excited to see that one of my favorite characters gets a miraculous of their own, and it’s for a animal miraculous we haven’t seen yet. Unfortunately I can’t tell you who it is. But it’s someone a lot of fans have been hoping would have something exciting happen to them. I know when I saw it, I shouted “Cowabunga!”

This is different than with previous future Miraculous holders that have been revealed to us. The first and foremost point is that this Miraculous holder would appear in Season 2 or Season 3. I’d guess it’ll more likely be Season 3, as we’re already getting the Bee and Fox Miraculous holders in Season 2, along with finally seeing Master Fu as the Turtle Miraculous holder. Second, it’s a character we already know from the show; there isn’t any ambiguity on this in comparison to two previously teased Miraculous holders before their NYCC confirmations. Third, it’s a Miraculous we’ve never seen yet. I had to think it over to make sure I wasn’t reading something off, but this comment makes it clear that it’s not one we’ve seen in any way, and I know Lindalee is aware of the other major spoilers. This Miraculous is not one of the seven Miraculouses that are on the top level of Master Fu’s chest, and it’s something new and unseen currently. Finally, it’s someone a lot of fans have been hoping for to experience something like this. It’s not a random, less popular character, like Prince Ali’s chaperone, instead being a character a lot of fans like.

Here are my thoughts on who could be referenced here:

Originally posted by atesan

My first guess and strongest belief of who this holder with an unknown Miraculous would be is Nino Lahiffe. I’m in the minority who thinks that Nino will get the Peacock Miraculous after Le Paon, and another theory is that Nino would get the Turtle Miraculous, which, while I’m highly skeptical of, is a possibility. However, there’s no evidence besides a scene in “Ladybug & Cat Noir” that Master Fu has any plans or reasons to give away his Miraculous, and Le Paon would have to be defeated first before Nino could have the Peacock Miraculous, which probably wouldn’t be possible until the very end of Season 3 at the soonest.

In whatever way, Nino is a popular character in fans’ eyes, and we want him to become a Miraculous holder at some point. Also, the “cowabunga” Lindalee exclaimed after seeing him sounds like a phrase Nino may say, as he has quite the radical speech. We all have our preferences on what kind of Miraculous holder we want Nino to be, but if he does get a Miraculou we’ve never seen before, it’s really exciting to see what he would end up with and what powers he’d get. If Marinette’s best friend and Marinette’s enemy/Adrien’s friend can end up the Bee and Fox Miraculous holders, I think Adrien’s best friend has the greatest shoe-in for becoming a holder himself.

Originally posted by biganime6

My second guess would be Nathaniel Kurtzberg, though I’m much more doubtful with him. If Nino did end up with the Peacock or Turtle Miraculous, another character could end up taking this new, unknown Miraculous. Nathaniel is one of the most popular characters in the fandom, much to the surprise of the crew (like Thomas Astruc), and the lack of exploration into his character in Season 1 leaves a lot of opportunities to develop him and give him an interesting character background. However, Thomas has stated he doesn’t have any idea why Nathaniel is so popular in the past, and while fans have had fun with the character, nothing in the show thus far has ever indicated that Nathaniel is anything more that a recurring, supporting student character like most of Marinette’s classmates.

While there are other possibilities, these two are the highest ones, although I see Nino being the most likely. There are other notable characters, like Lila, but in Lila’s case, she has more of a mixed reputation than “a lot of fans” wanting her to have a Miraculous. Also, similar to my skepticism with Nathaniel, most of the students in Marinette’s class have never been given any indication yet of being more than supporting characters who deserve major development. Another factor is that I sense we’re more likely due for a male Miraculous holder in Season 3 than another female. Season 1 has two male and two female Miraculous holders, but by the end of Season 2 or beginning of Season 3, three female Miraculous holders will be added. I’m excited for the 3:1 female/male ratio in the superhero team, Master Fu more likely functioning as a healer and mentor, but if a fifth member or ally is added, I hope he would be male so that Cat Noir could have a male companion his age.

In another post, I may write about what other Miraculouses exist and be possible for this unknown Miraculous holder. What are you thoughts, and who do you think/hope will get this mysterious Miraculous?