Adult Jinora

Sooooo wow! D: I could never ever in thousand years expect that that Adult Korra art would take so many notes! I’m so amazed with that omg xD I just wanted to say thank you very much for that <3

Anyway… I was in a very adult mood and while I was working on Korra, I was also thinking of Jinora, so I drew this older version of her :} As you can see, I gave her Avatar Yangchen’s clothing style, just because I thought Jinora would be more “classic”. She also has the necklace (whichismyfavoritepart) with four spirals (meaning Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan), and that red fluffy thing hanging from it resembling Water Tribe style, because of her descendence. Hmmn whatelse? I think that’s it. I’m not sure if I like the drawing itself, but I’m glad with the colouring and the final piece.

Well, I hope you like this one too :3

And thanks again *-*

mirkwoodse  asked:

Whattt? Omg Why did you have to kiss a guy on stage in front of hundreds of people?? And how did you managee? Omg I would have died of embarrassament! ;___; (I'm sorry of I'm intruding, feel free to ignore me :x )

Ahhh no its okay!!! It’s actually kinda cute i guess idkk

basically, i was the lead in the musical my senior year of highschool and this boy, who happened to be my sister’s best friend’s brother (ha follow that one), was my love interest in the play. ANd we had 4 scripted kisses. In the first act.

lUCKY ME I HAD A HUGE CRUSH ON HIM!!!! So i got to kiss my crush like 15 times a night for 3 rehearsals a week and goD the first time we kissed on stage and not in private rehearsals back stage the entire cast watching the rehearsal started whistling and cheering and it was SO embarrassing. Both of us blushed. I also got to slap him afterwards (scripted, i promise lol).

ahhhhh he was the only boy i ever had a crush on and there are so many little stories about my dumb inner monologues when i was smitten it’s humiliating haha