Here’s my Christmas Card commission for @welkikitty this year! I know we were safe to post them on the 24th, but I wanted to a wait a couple more days since I know she sent the cards out later than normal.

As always, a huge thank you to Welki for organizing this event and inviting me to be a part of it.

If you picked this card, I hope you enjoy it! <3 Happy Holidays everyone!

Last year I heard about Huscal Week after it was already over (I think) but this year! I set my computer up to remind me when I saw the post about it! Hopefully I can draw something for every day.

Today’s theme was “Sloth and Agility” and I guess I went more the Sloth side of it?

The only way Hubert could get Pascal to agree to take a break from her work was if he read the newest Sunscreen Ranger comic to her personally. It’s a really intense, emotional scene in the comic I guess aha or is he just nervous? You can decide -o-

The other night I was ridiculously bored and asking some friends to request really horrible fanfiction from me. Like on-the-fly fanfiction. Make it up as I go, the ending is never known before the first paragraph is typed. It’s truly a magical experience. Then one friend prompted:

taisa-baka: *couchhubertpascalfluffcough*

I’m too embarrassed to post this without a picture to make everyone feel better about my ‘quality writing’ haha SHAMELESS SAPPY FLUFF under the cut. ((I was gonna change my obvious mistake of typing Lieutenant instead of Major, but that would be untrue to my amazing tale, now wouldn’t it. Take it as it is and WHOOPS??))

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To make up for the missing answer to yesterday’s meme, here’s 25. Draw something for @welkikitty

The story behind this is Cheria scolded them for Hubert always being stuffy and wearing his Uniform for Christmas photos. The outfits were his idea. Cheria dared to suggest he put no effort into it - no one suggests an Oswell is inferior at ANYTHING.

The real story is we were selling Ugly Christmas Sweaters at work yesterday for 50% off