Here’s my Christmas Card commission for @welkikitty this year! I know we were safe to post them on the 24th, but I wanted to a wait a couple more days since I know she sent the cards out later than normal.

As always, a huge thank you to Welki for organizing this event and inviting me to be a part of it.

If you picked this card, I hope you enjoy it! <3 Happy Holidays everyone!

Last year I heard about Huscal Week after it was already over (I think) but this year! I set my computer up to remind me when I saw the post about it! Hopefully I can draw something for every day.

Today’s theme was “Sloth and Agility” and I guess I went more the Sloth side of it?

The only way Hubert could get Pascal to agree to take a break from her work was if he read the newest Sunscreen Ranger comic to her personally. It’s a really intense, emotional scene in the comic I guess aha or is he just nervous? You can decide -o-

I’m delighted to say that I got to participate in welkikitty’s Christmas Card tradition this year! I’ve got the okay to post the picture online now, since the cards have been sent, and what better day than today, the first day of winter!

It truly is an honour to have been selected to draw one of the cards, and I hope everyone enjoys the finished picture. Thank you so much welki, you’re a huge contribution to the fandoms you’re in and this Christmas Card event is such a wonderful idea for everyone involved! <3

Be sure to check her out here on tumblr or read her fanfiction account if you haven’t! (if you’re a HubertPascal fan, you better have read what’s up of Middle Ground already or you’re missing out)

I hope everyone’s holidays are going well!! Stay safe and warm for the winter, eat lots of good food, spent time with your loved ones, and best wishes for the coming New Year! Look forward to the other card images as we count down to Christmas. :)

To make up for the missing answer to yesterday’s meme, here’s 25. Draw something for @welkikitty

The story behind this is Cheria scolded them for Hubert always being stuffy and wearing his Uniform for Christmas photos. The outfits were his idea. Cheria dared to suggest he put no effort into it - no one suggests an Oswell is inferior at ANYTHING.

The real story is we were selling Ugly Christmas Sweaters at work yesterday for 50% off

AU idea/story thingy I had a long time ago and never got around to drawing a picture for:

It’s like a dot hackish sort of AU and all the Graces character’s designs from the game are their online game selves and then their real life selves are different.

Hubert is a quiet and smart boy who hasn’t quite figured out what he wants to do with his life, but everyone around him has already figured out for him. He resents that and plays ToG online or whatever it’s called to escape reality and be the person he feels like inside. He’s been playing for a long time and his character is one of the top characters in the game. He works with an organization that helps newbies learn to play the game and is the most renowned battle strategist on the server. In game he’s aloof and cold and stuck on his pride. His character’s name is Oswell, since in this AU his family name is still Lhant.

Pascal’s real life self and game selves are a lot alike. Outgoing, energetic, always getting into trouble. She plays the game because her best friend, Hubert big brother Asbel, asked her to play it with him. Her character is nothing special or strong and she spends most her time exploring the lore of the game. This also reflects herself in real life because she’s a huge history nerd. She’s really popular at school and doesn’t have as much time to hang around Asbel in real life anymore, but she still finds time to play the game with him. Unoriginally she named her game character Pascal, thinking her real name was creative sounding enough.

In real life Hubert has a massive case of the crushes for her. She hardly remembers his name half the time, which is hardly her fault. Whenever she comes over he spends most of the time hiding from her, being way too shy to actually TALK to her.

They meet by chance in the game without realizing who they are and she thinks he is the rudest piece of trash she’s ever met, but he helps her out on one of her expeditions showing genuine curiosity towards the lore she was studying and she decides yeah–he’s pretty cute.

One thing leads to another and Hubert finds out who she is in real life and he gets super embarrassed–> More so when she admits in game that she has a huge crush on him. He reacts in a way that seems out of character for his game persona, and she realizes all at once who he was based on some conversational hints that he had dropped during their time together. And so she tells him who she is: he freaks out; logging off very suddenly.

She gets worried and goes to his house but finds out he’s locked himself in his room. Asbel and her try to get him to open the door but he isn’t responding. Inside his room, Hubert is still freaking out. All that time he had been with her and didn’t realize it. (he had an idea because of the user name but dismissed it thinking that she couldn’t be THAT silly) He had shared so. many. secrets with her. Including how much he hated the life everyone was expecting him to live.

Hearing that she is outside his door, he realizes that means she has logged off and he hops on the game to escape what is happening. But he isn’t playing smart because he is in a troubled state and when he is attacked by a glitched out monster, rather than fleeing, his sudden need to hit something takes over and he fights.

Asbel finally bursts the door down and they find Hubert in a classic .hack coma at his computer, a strange glitch all over his screen with the words LAMDA flashing constantly.

SO THEN Pascal, Asbel, vagrant AI Sophie, the school’s principle Malik (who actually looks like himself in real life and his game character looks like Victoria or something very female), girl next door Cheria and a strange boy who’s character seems hacked and seems really…problematic must uncover the secret of Lamda and save Hubert and lots of other people later down the road because that’s just how .hack worlds go man.

I’m sorry this is so long haha. I probably shouldn’t tag this rabble properly. A read more tag would be smart but this is a PHOTO POST darn it.