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Your headcanon about how things got officially red between Sollux and Feferi during the game.


Hmhmm. Well, to start with I don’t think they interacted much at all before the game. I think that for Feferi it started out as a silly little crush that she was anything but subtle about, but Sollux was more difficult. He had serious doubts that any of her “You’re so CUT-E!” had any sort of deep meaning, because how could someone like that think anything of him? And by ‘like that’ I don’t mean highblood or seadweller, because he probably doesn’t give much thought or care into that sort of thing, just this bubbly, loud, hyper, excitable creature who was forking brains when he first met her face to face. His self loathing blocked him from accepting her advances.

But let’s face it, Feferi is NOT the most perceptive troll towards other people’s feelings. She doesn’t often consider other people’s feelings before doing things, so she doesn’t let up on her girly crush. She doesn’t stop randomly kissing him on the face when they beat an enemy together and he doesn’t stop thinking that she just has a WAY energetic way of expressing herself.

Sollux, he can be such a pain, so he’s probably totally convinced Karkat that they were totally sharing pails while running around on planet floating brains (they weren’t—) and he’s laughing about it as an inside joke, because there’s JUST NO WAY.

That girl is just too perfect.

AND FINALLY, he realizes wait—-okay, this pretty thing is still hanging around with me, she’s actually rather smart, and she laughs at my dumb, pathetic jokes and she’s said numerous times that she enjoys talking to me and being with me. Wow, she really IS rather perfect.

He gets it then that maybe he has feelings for her and maybe she has feelings for him?? He still flip flops in denial over the whole thing, heck he probably would for the rest of his life. (if he never lost his psionics and started to become okay and better with things)

One day she’s laughing over the fact that she just stabbed some imp square between the eyes and suddenly he’s laughing too. And she stops and just stares in confusion and he stops and is also staring back in confused shock, and this HUGE grin spreads across her face. That was the first time he had really, truly actually laughed in front of her. Not his sarcastic little snide laughter whenever he was mocking something, a genuine-albeit out of practice-sort of laugh.

Then they start laughing again. And he snorts out a horrible joke through his laughing and she giggles one back and then they laugh harder and yeah—neither of them has to say anything, he finally gets it.


In my never ending quest for AUs where Balan and Jade meet, I, tonight, crafted the Balan and Jade as rivals during the School Science Fair.

8y/o Balan / 9y/o Jade

Having a nerd show down in the gymnasium. However both of their projects are so ridiculously advanced that none of the teachers get it and one teacher gives first prize goes to some other kid’s ant farm. Both boys end up becoming best friends through a new found common enemy and they work together to destroy that teacher’s career. Successfully.

After that they spend the rest of their school years bickering over complex theories, snarking, or playing elaborate pranks on each other; everyone’s pretty sure they hate one another but they’re really best friends and having a grand time with it.

Also, I’m pretty sure they make Alvin’s life a living nightmare.

Wow! So many new followers in the last couple of days. *^* Hello everyone!

It’s my birthday tomorrow, and in celebration of that and all the wonderful people who are seeing this, it’s time for SKETCH REQUESTS!!!!!

I’m turning 26 tomorrow so I will randomly select 26 of the sketch requests to draw. (if I get more than that lol we’ll see.)

Reply to this post, toss me a note, fanmail, or a submission with your requests. You CAN request more than one thing and more than once. Anons are welcome. Homestuck, Fantrolls, and Original Characters are preferred, but anything is fine!

I gotta go to work in a half an hour, but I’m excited to see what requests will show up! Have a fantastic day everyone! <3

Hello! I feel the need to say some things. I suppose saying some things this late is probably not the best idea, but I need to get it off my mind.

It makes me really sad to see people bashing their own art, but I often forget that I went through that myself for a long while.

So to everyone who’s feeling bad about their art, don’t worry, it’s normal. Just fight through it, try to keep your head up, relish in the things you do that you really love, try to focus on those things. There is probably a part of your art that you like better on the rest, if you’re starting to feel down–look at that part and think to yourself, “But I draw some really great hair.” or whatever the case may be.

Find something that you think is really relaxing to draw and whenever you are feeling down–just draw it. For me, it was cats and trees! I drew so many cats and trees inside of sketch books. They calmed me down when I was feeling upset about my art.

Try new things! Get yourself out of that rut and experiment. Maybe you’ll learn something new that you want to keep doing, maybe you’ll find something that you really hate drawing. Shaking it up a little can teach you things about yourself artistically that you may have never learned. Try different styles, different mediums, different subject matter–different everything.
When you’re stepping outside of the box, you tend to focus less on ‘what you are doing wrong’ and more on 'what you are doing new!’ so it’s a nice way to shake off some of your negative stigma.

Don’t feel bad fishing for compliments. Let’s face it, recognition is a nice thing and hearing other people say good things can really change how we feel about ourselves. We all have those people who we can show things to that will say something nice to us. Show them something and ask them what they like best. And if you don’t feel like there is someone out there like that for you, you can show me. :) If you’re okay with that. I love everyone’s art and would be more than willing to tell you what I love specifically about your art.

I like to think of this whole thing as the greatest test for someone who likes to create. It doesn’t just happen once, but everyone I talk to who is involved someway in art, hits that rock bottom place. View it like a test, crawl your way through it and I promise you, the day you get out of the rut will be the greatest moment! It’s not going to be perfect afterwards, you’ll still have those times when you can’t stomach what you made with your own hands, but they will feel like child’s play after you make it through this tough one.

I’m rooting for EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! Hang in there, be strong. If you’re serious about it–willing to put in the effort–you will succeed! And I want to see you succeed! I want you, every single one of you, to find that moment where you love what you do. <3

Step by step how I draw eyes, now rebloggable!

As for eyes, I wasn’t sure how best to do a tutorial for that so I just took some screenshots step by step. If you want something clarified better, just let me know.

I drew a few different eyes because–I draw a few different eyes on characters. :) Again, feel free to ask any other questions, since I know this is the lamest tutorial ever.

Enjoy! And I hope you all have fantastic days. :D


We went to the Shinobazu Pond (I think that’s the right name anyway lol) which is impossible to tell is a pond because it is just a wall of giant Lotus Plants. On the way there we found a small temple that we could also look around. Just like most temples, you cannot take pictures inside.

Also! In that last photo is some turtles that were in the pond! :D

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Here have another comic about Sollux not being able to spit, just for you.

I’m so glad the solfef shippers don’t like–toss me out of the ship’s fandom or something. hahahaha <3