American Poetry since 1950

For my class on contemporary American poetry, we’ve been working on this blog all semester. So far, everyone has posted at least twice and we’ve been commenting on each others’ work, as well. It’s a pretty free-form way to keep discussions from class going, and a reason to learn a little more about the poets who have interested us so far. I’m about to get to work on a post about the Language poets, who are a pretty cool bunch…almost makes up for Thanksgiving break ending. Hopefully the next three weeks will be great ones! And check out the blog! -MK

Big weekend for Dickinson Mock Trial - we placed 7th of 54 teams at the University of Pennsylvania’s Quaker Classic Invitational. We finished with a 6-2 record and a total point spread of +25, and had an AWESOME time. Not bad for the first invitational of the season. Plus, check out how hot our prosecution counsel table is. Mock trial competitions are always a great time with great friends… I can’t wait til our next one in two weeks! -MK

Kind of an unconventional reading assignment for my American Lit of the 9/11 Decade class tomorrow: Art Spiegelman’s In the Shadow of No Towers. I love comic books (I mean, graphic novels) and this one looks especially innovative. Plus it’s bigger than my backpack. Plus I got to see Art Spiegelman speak when he visited Dickinson my freshman year! -MK