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what does freddie want to do? there's your key. normal people are so BORING! really, colour me unimpressed.


oKAY…….. it was a vingere cipher… the code was I WANT TO BREAK FREE. So:



forty two days forty two nights you wait

(Also to the other @anon we figured this out at the same time! <3 #soulmates)



Swiss SIG MKPO submachine gun

Manufactured in Neuhausen, Switzerland, by Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft.
9x25mm Mauser, John Pedersen’s hesitation lock blowback, can switch from semi automatic to fully automatic using short or long trigger pulls.
Only 1228 of these guns were produced between 1933 and 1941. Being a MPKO - the short-barreled, police variant - serial number 1162, we can assume it was made in 1941.

Sauce : James D. Julia Inc.

10 revolutionary organisations from Kurdistan and Turkey have announced the establishment of Peoples’ United Revolutionary Movement as a unity of force and action formed in the wake of discussions ongoing since December.

Representatives of 10 revolutionary organisations attended a joint press meeting in guerrilla zones to announce their alliance with the purpose of stepping up the revolution in all areas including armed struggle against the “collaborative fascist AKP and TC (Turkish Republic) system of sovereignty”.

Speaking here before the press release, PKK Executive Committee Member Duran Kalkan listed the names of the following revolutionary organisations from Turkey and Kurdistan that got united to defeat fascism and become a glimmer of hope for peoples; TKP/ML, PKK, THKP-C/MLSPB, MKP, TKEP-LENİNİST, TİKB, DKP, DEVRÎMCÎ KARARGAH and MLKP.

Source: Signalfire

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How do you think He tian would act if mo guan shan had other male friends besides jiansyi and xixi? they are close but none of them like mo guan shan in that way

He Tian would be totally cool with Guan Shan being independent and having friends besides Jain Yi and  Zhan Zheng Xi. In fact, he already has friends;the gray haired dude, the casual friends he was playing cards with, and his gang (I’m sure at least one isn’t an asshole). We haven’t seen much of them because the 19 Days format only focuses on the four main characters and their (mis)adventures or else one day would last two years if Old Xian had to include extensive interactions between the main characters + random characters.

Yeah, we have seen He Tian be possessive and clingy but he has never said that Guan Shan couldn’t hang out with someone besides him. I don’t think he would be jealous, he would be concerned though, he would make sure that the friends he’s hanging out with are not trying to harm Guan Shan. The only time he would be jealous is if he misinterprets Guan Shan’s comfortableness when he’s in the company of some guy as attraction.

I don’t understand what you mean by “they are close but none of them like mo guan shan in that way.” If they are close…then…how can they not like him?

I don’t believe the 4 of them are super close and best friends, hell even Zhan and Jian Yi aren’t that super close and they’ve been friends since little. Zhan didn’t know Jian Yi’s address and Jian Yi has been to Zhan’s house for the first time only recently, and he revealed that Zhan doesn’t talk about personal stuff to Jain Yi.

For the longest time I thought He Tian was just an acquaintance to Jian Yi and Zhan, I never really thought of them as good friends. I think Old Xian decided to make them buddies all of the sudden because it would be easier to include all 4 of them in a chapter and expand different plots.

So yeah, now they are friends.

Guan Shan is still warming up to Jian Yi and Zhan. He prefers to ignore them than be close to them. He believes they cause him trouble lol, yet, he still cares because he was concerned about Jian Yi not being in school for 2 days.