you guys. i will never not be 100% in love with this. it’s nothing big or flashy but my heart grows at least three sizes everytime i remember it exists. i think the fact that he’s not performing and seems so unaware of everyone else…it’s like a small glimpse into how he hears music inside his head. idek if that makes sense but i could watch it forever. 

MKOP: Terra McBride

A little under a year now, I was just getting in to the world of blogging and Tumblr, which all began with an email to Terra.  I saw her in my University’s newspaper and after trying a couple other blog ideas (which ended quickly) I contacted her about this guy’s fashion blog idea I had.  What I got back was well written, motivating response.  And what you got is Plain T-Shirt.

Although my passion for PTS and style drives the blog, Terra was the initial boost I needed to really organize everything.  Anytime she likes or comments on a post, I really feel like it was well-done.  Honestly, who else would I want to start MKOP off but with her?

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What should the females who follow your blog look forward to this Spring/Summer?

Put your neons down {although not away}. Pastels are going to be huge for spring/summer. Everything is sugary sweet this year and I am completely okay with that. Also? Pumps. They’re back in a big way. Sleek, pointy-toed, lady feet. 

If you could change your blog to a different topic (food, health, music, etc.) what would you choose and why?

I’d probably make my blog more of a stream of consciousness. It can be hard to stick with a focused topic. My interests and thoughts are sort of all over the place. You can see that in some of my posts. Some days, the writing might not have anything to do with style at all. 

Do you think there will be some future style-offs when the newest addition to the family can dress herself?

I just pictured Stella and myself playing dress up on a Saturday afternoon and walking the hallway with ridiculous faces on our heads. It’s not a far-fetched notion. I would love for Stella to share my style but the most important thing to me is that she dresses in a way that suits her. If she doesn’t want to wear dresses, I want her to know that’s totally okay by me.

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Is there a place in Pittsburgh that you consider very visually inspiring?

You’re going to make me do this? It’s impossible to choose. Pittsburgh is brimming with visual inspiration. When I lived Downtown, my husband and I would run in the mornings before work when it was still dark. We’d cross the Clemente Bridge (6th Street) and run in front of the stadiums. The best part is when we would circle back, we’d get an eyeful of Downtown, quiet, the 5 am lights twinkling. It was magical. I love The Warhol. It’s where I go to feel beauty and ugliness and energy and style surging from every corner. Phipps is where you go to feel serene. To really see how delicate and powerful life can be. 

Something you can’t go a day without:

Tea. I’m a full-blown addict. I get weird when I don’t have it. I like it black with a little stevia in the raw. If I don’t have stevia, I just drink it straight up. 

How has blogging effected your personal life?

My friends and family support what I do but they know how to keep me grounded. I’ve tried very hard to weave my blog into my personal life at an appropriate level. If something great happens as a result of what I’m doing, I may mention it. Just as I would mention a big accomplishment at work. But it’s not all I talk about. My blog doesn’t define my life. It’s something I do for fun, to meet people and to express myself a little in a creative way. But I could pull the plug tomorrow and my personal life would go on just as it always has. 


Blog Information: StylishWhiteFemale

Thank you Terra!

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David Archuleta, My Kind of Perfect - Skate From the Heart

Hi, everyone. Just a quick question... or two:

1.) Is anyone still interested in ‘My Kind of Perfect’? I want honest answers because, pushing my commitment to finish it aside, I think I’m ready to let it go if anyone isn’t interested in it anymore. I’ve finally come to terms that the story isn’t… me.

2.) Would you like me to finally let go of MKOP, which I realise I have strung out for far too long now, in order to begin a new series?


And I have new content! Yes. While I was away, living in the mountains, for the duration of my internship—which lasted about 4 months—I got inspired. I finally realised what it’s like to be really in love with someone; I experienced what it’s like to live with my best friends; I experienced how to work in a hotel, etc. Long story short, I learned a lot of things, but mostly I fell in love, thought that that guy was my “the one”, we flirted, we acted a little bit like a couple, then something happened (and not in THAT way), and now I hate him… but I still love him, and that’s what I’m going to use now to write the rest of My Kind Of Perfect.

More on my tale of woe? I’m open for questioning. :)

It’s soooo good to be back!

Someone just messaged me (on Facebook) thay they're confused as to why Rose is acting like that...

Here’s an explanation on why that is:

Rose is adjusting. She and Finn have been best friends ever since they were children, and the transition from best friends to lovers is not something that most people will take in stride.

She’s having doubts because of her conscience. She might look tough, but that’s only because no one can see or hear her conscience nagging at her. She’s being hesitant about starting something physical with Finn because she’s unsure of what the consequences will be. That and she has self respect. No one just throws themself at the next person after a break-up.

She’s acting all ‘awkward and hesitant’ around Finn now because she’s unsure of what to do– every touch, every kiss, everything has a meaning now, so she doesn’t know which words and actions suit their relationship, because going from
BFFs to something more is, I repeat my statement from earlier, not something that most people take in stride.

I hope this clears some things up. :) Have a good day, lovelies. I’m gonna go to church with Marjorie today… so yeah, wish me luck. ;) xx