MKOMIX was a great little comics fair I went to last night at the Milton Keynes Gallery. I finally got to meet Paul Rainey, who ran the event, and Suzanna Raymond, both of whom are fellow creative people living in MK. It’s great to discover I’m not the only one!

The event itself was held in one of the exhibition rooms in the gallery, so we had a backdrop of gorgeous, detailed Pushwagner artwork (we all have a sneaking suspicion the artist has ocd..) to our stalls. I shared a table with the lovely Emily Brady, who I have met before many times but we’ve never sold comics together - it was a lot of fun! I had a gander at her work, Cherry is fantasticly funny. We also both giggled a lot reading Laura Watton’s Reluctant Soldier Princess Nami. Laura was nearby to us with Andy and we had a rant about university education and bad people we just want to punch for a bit, until we remembered we were supposed to be selling comics.

In between yelling at Richy K Chandler for telling me to stop making a scene (I wasn’t doing anything! XD), and causing Sean Azzopardi to say “WHAT?” a lot, I really enjoyed the event. It had the same vibe of larger events because of the great people that came along, but it wasn’t as exhausting or as stifling as the larger ones. I hadn’t expected to sell much but I didn’t do half bad, Cafe Suada was really popular and got lots of great compliments on the artwork and typography.

It was also pretty nice to see my poster for the event blown up and put on display outside before I left. I definitely want to go to more events like this one, more often, it was really great.

When’s the next one, guys? :D