I get asked all the time how I can “handle” the distance my girlfriend & I have between each other, let me explain.

I met her on a Wednesday, and fell for her on a Friday.
She was on FaceTime with me; the distance already between us……
I fell for the connection we had..
The smile on her face…
And how beautiful she is without any makeup on.

I fell so fast.

You see the difference between having your significant other here, and having a little distance in between, is the fact that you HAVE all the physical stuff, right here. With distance, you don’t.

She came to be with me on a Wednesday, and we cried about the distance together on a Friday…. She didn’t leave until Monday.

While she was here, I learned a lot about how she is in the morning… How she can’t open her eyes all the way, and can sometimes manage to get just one open enough to see me and smile. I learned her heart inside and out, down to how her skin smells, and her cheeks curve. I learned her weaknesses, and her strengths… The taste of her tongue… The softness of her lips… The aperture of her mouth when we make love… Everything.. But still, how do I “handle the distance” without all of these “physical things”?

I don’t CARE about the distance because I live for every morning that she rolls over, still on FaceTime, still asleep, barely able to speak, eyes half open, with no direction, finds a way just to tell me that she loves me…. And rolls back over…. I don’t CARE about the distance, because right now, she’s sound asleep on FaceTime with me, and since that’s all I have, and that’s exactly what I look forward to… Every single day… I am blessed for every minute of it.

—  I love her.
In my arms or 1,300 miles away.

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