Fandom: Dragon Age (post-Trespasser)
Characters: “Mkid” Abano (name tbd), Sylathi Lavellan, Maleus Abano (@lavellanlove)
198 words

It was that time. Mamae said so. And half the times she didn’t even have to tell him. He just *knew.* He pattered over to the door, curls bouncing, arms flailing. He tripped, knees and hands scraping on the rug. He felt soft hands on his sides. “No! I can!” He heard the soft chuckle behind him as he haphazardly pulled himself to stand.

He finished his race to the door as it opened. He bounced in place, giggling as Papae walked though. “Papae papae!” he chanted, reaching up, grasping the air until his wish was granted.

Giggling from his scratchy kisses, he left kisses on his cheek in turn, then wrapped his arms around his neck, nuzzling his face into his skin. He smelled like the sea and he felt warmth of the sun against his cheek.

He reflexively smiled when he heard his voice: soft, gentle, always warm. The days events bubbled out of him: half finished sentences and mashed up words, but not once did Papae ever looked away or frown. “Ar lath ma, papae,” he would always finish his stories with and his favorite part of each day was hearing him say it back.

Mother’s Day

Obligatory Mother’s Day fic, with Frisk and MKid trying to giver her a good day! It’s fun writing cute again, maybe I’ll start doing it more often.

It was the day before mother’s day, and Frisk and Monster Kid were sitting in the living room of New New Home, plotting what they were going to do for Frisk’s adoptive mother. The two, being kids and all, hadn’t the expenses to do anything overly extravagant, but they also didn’t want to do undersell how much Toriel meant to the human. Currently, the two were brainstorming, trying to figure out what they could do for the ex-queen.

“Hmm,” MK thought out loud, “What about breakfast in bread? Moms always appreciate that!”

Frisk shook her head. “No, that’s too basic. Everyone does it.”

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I can't believe it's been two years since this musty dusty crusty shady ass binch stepped out of my life n broke my hort

u r a stronger n better u now that the uglie never gonna be lucky n grateful enough to experience u doing u 1000 times better than u did with him mkid and that’s the truf! 👏🏽

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fatimom how do i stay motivated to keep going to the gym how do i do ittt i lose motivation so easily he l p

honesly u need to find de thing in ur life that always make u happy n use it always like i kno I KNO i wouldn’t have lost de 30 pounds i had if it wasn’t for my love for michael n using the edward poster way wit him and jus kept listening to his music n videos of him n listening to audio of him being persuasive n jus working towards a better me mkid u need to have that somethin guide u alongside the will u already got for urself !!

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Fatima!!! I just got a job at Costco i wanted to tell u gkdksj


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fatíama can you please give me strenght and motivation to finish this extremely important piece of work for my univeristy degree due on Monday, I'm on the struggle bus at the moment

u need 2 finish this 2 not only get this done my kid but 2 prove to urself u have the WILL n STRENGTH 2 mf do it! U took the time out of ur day to work hard so u can succeed in de future! u work hard so u can play hord later my kid u need 2 understand tht! U strong enough 2 get anything done especially this assignment because u HAVE TO and u GOIN 2! I believe in u mkid!

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If u gonna be a dentist do u have to major in like biology or something and then go to dentist school or what bc I was thinking about bein a dentist too

Yea mkid bio-chemistry !

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Fatima are you going to prom? All my friends got dates and I don't but I'm trying not to let it bother me too much but I'm still sad that I'm literally the only person out of all of my friends going alone

aw ☹️ it ok mkid!! Many many ppl go wit friends im sorry no ugli asked u but although u deserve to have been asked it no big deal!! U gonna have fun anyway ! And i am going wit friends i don’t think anybody asking me which is w/e 🚶🏽but ye !!

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FatiMamaMiaHereIGoAgain i am sitting at a car dealership rn filling out paperwork for my new car and i stg the woman helping the people next to me looks exactly like you!!!! I probably got whiplash from how fast I did a double-take!!



UHM this de tumblr accent challenge mkid I tag @ifeelitcomingfeatdaftpunk @benwinstagram @whothehellisharry @supplekisses @polishwodka @miniangel @seafaringlife @sunharry @iamsensitive @theblasianbarbie @drakesideheaux @wokuspokus @