Did everyone really forget Gaster?

As far as I know, there is nothing in the game that really proves that, apart from the “don’t forget” picture. I mean, noone mentions him, but that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about him, right? It’s canon that he was scattered across time and space, but I can’t see why that would completely erase him from everyone’s memories.

I think people got the idea because of Goner Kid’s dialogue. They talk about a world where everything’s exactly the same, except they don’t exist. 

There is, however, no proof that this would relate to Gaster somehow. This NPC is called mkid_goner in the files, and the Gaster followers are called g_follower_1, g_follower_2 and g_follower_3. Apart from the fact that they’re grey, and appear if your Fun value is set to a certain number, they have nothing in common. I feel like Goner Kid’s dialogue relates more to Asriel.

2/3 of the Gaster followers mention that Asgore waited very long to hire a new royal scientist (Alphys), because Gaster was too good to just replace. Asgore must’ve remembered him even after he fell to be able to do that. If Asgore had forgotten about him he’d hire a new scientist immediately, because suddenly he’d be like “oh? why don’t I have a royal scientist?” instead of “the previous one was irreplaceable, and i must wait until i find someone who’s as good as him to hire a new one.”

There is, however, a theme in Undertale about forgetting and remembering. The song Memory, the royal memorial statue, the fact that everyone forgets almost everything about you when you reset, Sans’ lack of hope because he knows that whatever he does, everyone will forget about it in the end, Papyrus’ “Forgettable” check, the “don’t forget” picture, the Memoryheads, the Bad Memories… Yeah, I think I could go on forever. So it’d make sense if everyone forgot about Gaster. My point is that we have no proof.


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i hooked up w this boy and then like a month later he has a gf... it's not even that i like him dat much just like y was i not good enough :/

I mean gurl, his life w/ another girl shouldn’t effect u tbh u kno ur worth n im sure it mus be more than his tbh don’t give this relationship u had the time of day mkid

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THANK U for saying to leave tips and notes for hotel housekeepers i never think to do that when im away im so self absorbed and ugly!!! esp since i clean for a living too i shd know this!! thank u gurl thatll always be in my mind now

glad 2 help mkid!!!!


First image is what Monster Kid says to Undyne if you let them fall–Undyne leaps down to save them, of course.

Second image is Entry 14 of Alphys’ journal that talks about the monsters who had “fallen down” and subsequently came back to life after being injected with determination. It’s important to note that the game never clarifies what “falling down” really entails, though Alphys states in Entry 6 that the bodies of monsters who have “fallen down” are preserved in a comatose-like state before eventually turning to dust. 

Both instances involve monsters “falling down”– both instances evoke the phrase “goner”.

The Grey NPC version of Monster Kid that’s associated with the Gaster events is likewise named “spr_mkid_goner”.

I don’t have any theories to tie into this observation. It’s just a connection to consider.

the support/my room text from the english version of fire emblem fates has been dumped, and i’m fucking dying at what they did to this guy

in the japanese version, he was just kinda boring and stubborn and no-nonsense, one of those “i’m not a kid anymore, i can take care of this myself” sort of guys

but here’s his my room text in the english version (you unlock the romantic stuff if you s-rank him)

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