literarymerritt  asked:

For the series ask meme: Free! :DD

Favorite character: makotoooooo
Second favorite character: haru is like, fave the moment he appeared with that ridiculously artsy quote, but more like, unspoken fave, you know? i also really love nagisa
Least favorite character: i don’t think i have one? these kids are all good
The character I’m most like: haru. down to the whole sad sulking to avoid his problems and being ridiculously obsessive with his passions
Favorite pairing: mkhr forever owns my heart ok
Least favorite pairing: for this series i mostly stick with the main/popular pairings, so
Favorite moment: when everyone broke down crying at the end of s2, when haru got kidnapped to australia lmao, that nagisa episode, also i don’t know if this was in the actual show but that clip where rei was dreaming about diving and crashed into his desk and nagisa just laughs and laughs and laughs
Rating out of 10: 8/10, the art is pretty and it’s dramatic but i love these kids??

send me a series!!