Indian River Summer…
The day was just perfect! No pressure, no arguing, no traffic…perfect. If I could have stayed out there on that private little island for the rest of the summer– without donating any more blood to the mosquito population or risking encephalitis LOL– I would have. For just a few hours the whole world ceased to exist and it was just us. Our less-than-perfect, weird, dysfunctional family having our movie-perfect evening out on the boat quietly enjoying the dolphins jumping, the dog splashing through the water and the sunset…oh, yeah…it was the puppy’s first time out on the river off lead and free to RUN! LOL Every dog should get to experience the kind of joy he must’ve felt with his ears flapping in the breeze, digging in the mud on the sandbar, barking at and diving for crabs and fish. He kept running around Hannah making sure she was ok and even checking on me with my camera but Oh! What fantastic fun he had. He has still not recovered from the excitement! I think he must have dreamt about it last night– the freedom and the running– because his paws twitched all night long at the foot of the bed and I swear…he was smiling! :-)

Whimsical watercolors…

I have been working on some small-scale watercolor/ink paintings for a workshop for mixed media artists. I love working with the watercolors! It’s soothing and forgiving! I hope to post more to show my progression as I learn to work with the different mediums. School starts again soon and I will be back into photography full time so here at the end of the summer, I am trying to take some time to work in other artistic mediums and also take the time to enjoy it!

Sprite…With Maui’s face!

There are actually two birds here. If you look closely, you can see the white parakeet, Maui, in the background. They are my daughter’s birds but have become a daily delight to me as well. The little green one, Sprite, is a male and in parakeets, the male is the only one with the ability to learto talk. He talks up a storm! He says his name and proclaims what a pretty bird he is. He is alo learning to call to Maui, presumably his mate. Maui is female and thus, will never be able to answer his calls! LOL they are such funny little birds!

caption: “SQUIRREL!

It’s a Dog’s Life, MK…

Sometimes I wish my life was as simple as my dog’s life. You know, you wake up in the morning and you scratch at the door to be let out. You look outside and see things in amazing technicolor due to your awesome eyesight and ability to “see” things through your incredible sense of smell. You don’t care what you look like because…you’re a dog…and in the dog world, being called “a dog” is a great thing. You don’t need designer clothes or expensive accessories–that is your owner’s hang-up. Not yours. You aren’t pining away for your ex or overly concerned about the string of men who cheated on you because…you’re a dog and if one goes away, the next one will be “just another dog” and if you are spayed and he is neutered, all the better because neither of you will stray…can’t say the same for your human counterparts! If you are fortunate enough to get one of the great owners, you will be lavished with love and affection and the good food, a bottomless water bowl and a warm, soft bed to sleep on indoors out of the elements. And…in exchange you will only be asked to provide love, loyalty and protection in return. Yup, if I die and am lucky enough to be re-incarnated as a dog…I want to be MY dog. LOL

Titled: “She Sings”, mixed media on paper

I see myself changing every day…a little at a time. I’m sometimes more conscious of my aging than other times. Some days I wish I could see myself as other people see me. I’ve been told I am confident, talented and seem like I have it all together. I don’t see myself that way at all. I see myself sometimes, still that awkward, undecided, sad and depressed twenty-something year old woman that just lost her career and is trying to discover where she went wrong and figure out why fate seems to have it in for her happiness. I think that’s where this figure came from. My subconscious that is still trying to let go of the hurt, the betrayal and the tears. The woman that spent so many nights crying and screaming from the pain in her head as well as the physical and emotional pain. I’m glad she is at peace now but I rely on her sometimes, to tap into those emotions and apply it to my photography and paintings. It’s all a manifestation of the many parts of my inner self…


I believe that the belongings a person chooses to surround herself with give clues to the inner spirit of that person. What they choose to decorate with, their pets, their hobbies…all say something as surely as if they were holding a neon sign proclaiming “I AM HERE! LOOK AT ME!” I had a friend whose house was always just that. A house. All of her decor was “cold” and devoid of memories and real feeling. I should have been clued in to what type of friendship we would have as time went on by her surroundings. It always felt staged and fake to me. None of it really meant anything to her and was temporary. When she found out she was pregnant and having a girl, I made these beautiful paintings based on what she had decided was her decorating theme…they never made it up on the wall and the poor child never had a decor or a permanent room with any type of memories until she was almost three. They have lived in that house for over twenty years! Any house I have ever lived in, even a hotel room I am in for longer than three days, feels like I have been there for a lifetime of memories within 24 hours of my decision to stay there! I have to be surrounded by photos of my kids, my dogs, my significant other. I need to have my knick-knacks and my cameras and my art supplies! My daughter has always had a dream room in any style I could imagine that  little girl would love. I do this because I don’t want her childhood memories to be filled with temporary moments of happiness or faded memories of fun family times. I want her to be over-flowing with memories of the times we shared together as a family and to remember and KNOW she is loved and has had a wonderful childhood. I think that sometimes I may even over-do it but that’s ok. It’s what makes me ME. I want my home to reflect that I am nostalgic, not materialistic, family oriented and a nature loving girly- girl at heart but with a sense of wonder, humor and fascination for all things in this world we share… What does your home or another person’s home reflect about them?

July 21st, 2011

She just looks so grown up here. She resonates with vintage “kid reasoning”. LOL
Sometimes I see so much of myself in her it scares me. Other times, I see a lot of her big sister in her. I take a ton of photos of my youngest daughter, as anyone who personally knows me can attest, and most of the time I can look at and know approximately when I pressed the shutter button but with this image I know the EXACT moment I decided to make this image. We asked her where the puppy had run off to again on the little island and she was so matter-of-fact in replying, bravely, “Oh, he went back over to the point chasin something or he hadda go poop. You want me to go get him?” For whatever reason, I felt like I had just met Hannah, my very old soul of a daughter, for the very first time. It all struck me as rather funny and a little odd, but absolutely adorable. She is holding that stance like a young Mary Lou Retton! The girl’s got guns for as small as she is! I could totally see her taking a gold in the 2016 Olympics for gymnastics! Go, USA! ;-)

hibiscus stamen

Whenever I feel like I might have an artist’s block, I like to put my macro lens on my Canon and find the world that exists just under my feet. It’s a whole other world in miniature and it’s really fascinating. I keep thinking how lovely it’s going to be when I get to travel to the Midwest and see what all I can find in wildflowers, to do the same with. I am ready for a change…

making it last

there is nothing worse than realizing that the best cake you ever made is almost gone! You know you have to eat it because eventually it will be dry and stale but you pick at it a little bit each day until it’s officially done…

The light was so nice here in my Mom’s kitchen and this reminded me of when I was just a kid and would come in and ask to lick the beater. My mom was always baking or cooking something…it’s her passion.