mke brewing

One of the perks of living directly behind Otto’s is I get a lot of free beer glasses and can keep tabs on all of the new seasonal beers and sales!

Tonight I picked up Lakefront’s Mardi Gras seasonal called Big Easy, which is an imperial maibock. I really like this one, it has a bourbon type taste to it but it’s still smooth like a lager.

The MKE six packs are on sale at Otto’s for 6.99, so I had to try out their new white IPA called Litta Bitta. I think the name is clever, since the beer is indeed a little bitter. But if you like IPA’s, then I’d assume you are used to that bitterness. Anyway, I can’t complain, I like this one too. It’s hard for me to find bad tasting beer, but I definitely have tried some…. *shutter*

But yeah, when you got two great breweries like Lakefront and MKE, it’s hard to disappoint.