This ‘student of life’ is finally beginning her journey of choice; aspiring to model while journaling about it along the way! This week, I’m trying to get the hang of a  a ‘straight face’ shot without looking mad! Smiling shots are easy, this type, not so much. That’s just one of the many goals of the week. I am an eternal optimist (you have to be in the competitive ID world I’m used to. I have no doubt it is the same for the modeling industry).

This journal is going to be authentic: get ready for real experiences, embarrassing moments (hopefully not too many). And probably mistakes YOU shouldn’t make if this is your goal as well. There will be no sugar-coating, if this is to be an authentic ‘model study’ as I’ve named it MUST BE REAL!

So I will share what I learn. You will see the good pics, and yes, the bad - no agency or professional photographer yet. I’ll share the rejection letters from agencies … and then someday, hopefully, ‘the real thing’ as I get jobs.

I will begin to journal regularly about my experiences. I’ve left my comfort zone: the world of Irish dance behind (competitively anyway - still dance in college) as I attempt to break into this industry for my career. So … this is the beginning of mkcollins: a model study.

Follow along, I welcome your comments and questions. I promise to journal about this venture wholeheartedly, not with rose-colored glasses, not with cynicism.  Just day to day happenings, real life, not ‘all pretty’. But I will also, continue to tell myself to BELIEVE!

more later -mk