Release Date : 2015-08-14
Casts : Angela Elayne Gibbs, Alexandra Shipp, Orlando Brown, Keith Stanfield, Allen Maldonado, Jason Mitchell, Neil Brown Jr., Corey Hawkins, Aldis Hodge, Paul Giamatti, Aeriél Miranda, Lauren Pacheco, Dean Cameron, R. Marcus Taylor, O'Shea Jackson Jr.
Duration : 147 minutes runtime
Rating : 8

In the mid-1980s, the streets of Compton, California, were some of the most dangerous in the country. When five young men translated their experiences growing up into brutally honest music that rebelled against abusive authority, they gave an explosive voice to a silenced generation. Following the meteoric rise and fall of N.W.A., Straight Outta Compton tells the astonishing story of how these youngsters revolutionized music and pop culture forever the moment they told the world the truth about life in the hood and ignited a cultural war.




loverofwingsandcoffee asked:

If Dean and Cas hired you to make their wedding cake, what would it look like, how big, what flavor, etc?


so Dean would be a total grump about it, right, because it’s CAKE and it’s not as good as pie and why can’t we just have wedding pie, Cas? But Cas would insist on a classic wedding cake because it’s tradition and that’s what people do, Dean.  So then Dean would ask why they can’t just grab a dumb pre-made cake from the grocery store because isn’t that good enough? It’s a hundred times cheaper and they all taste the same anyway.  But in the end he would give in and let Cas get whatever he wanted because honestly? Have you seen the guy’s puppy dog eyes? They put Sam’s to shame.

When it comes to flavors, Cas has a more delicate palate.  He tastes things in a way Dean never could.  He doesn’t like things that are too heavy or too flashy or too over the top, so he shies away from the triple chocolate fudge and the gooey red velvet that Dean begrudgingly admits are almost as good as pie.  When Cas gravitates towards the lavender honey cake with the lemon frosting Dean scoffs and rolls his eyes and insists that he is not going to have a dumb wedding cake that tastes like flowers.  No friggin’ way.  But even he can’t deny, when he takes a bite, that it is somehow, quintessentially, Cas.  It’s different, and it’s complex, and it’s subtle, and it’s just a little bit odd.  And it’s Cas.

It’s not a big ceremony; it’s not like they have a lot of friends who are still this side of six feet under.  But there are still enough people gathered together with them in that stupid barn where they met all those years ago, with its loud tin roof and the remnants of all those talismans spray painted on the walls that Dean just couldn’t get rid of all the way even after six hours of scrubbing.  It looks different now; Sam insisted on draping it with strings of fairy lights and candles and flowers and an entire hobby store full of decorations that he insisted were tasteful and appropriate but Dean just thought were ridiculous and embarrassing and dumb.  And of course, they’re all expecting some big dumb ceremony where Cas and Dean stand together in front of that dumb camera and feed each other a dumb piece of some dumb frou-frou cake.  But when the cake is wheeled out, three elegant tiers of simple, clean, white lines accented by the subtle pop of color from a handful of actual sprigs of lavender, Dean wonders if maybe it’s not so dumb after all.  And then he cuts a tiny piece and feeds it to Cas, and he sees the love shining in those blue eyes. and the band of silver wrapped around his finger and…yeah.  Not dumb.  

Not dumb at all.