why do men always think they know better than you. I literally cannot utter a single sentence without a man trying to top it every single time and try educate me on the topic because he obviously knows more than I do (he really doesn’t).

like shut the fuck up, no one is asking you for your opinion. learn to listen for a change. 

anonymous asked:

did you do the spanish translations for gib's fic? opinions on all thats goin down? opinions on gasolina?

I did indeed do the Spanish translations for Dirty Laundry.

I’m kind of disappointed that the fic is still being updated (and last time I checked) keeping the blatantly racist parts. You could argue that if the author took out the racist parts and left it without them, it would be fine, but then you would have no fic left.

The representation of Lance’s character and family is SO reliant on racist Mexican stereotypes that both the story and plotline would fundamentally be different, so to just edit the racist parts out is impossible if you wanna keep it looking even close to the original. Regardless, I feel like just the fact that the thing was so racist that by taking out the racist parts YOU FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE THE STORYLINE, the fic should be taken down regardless of how many improvements are made on it.

Out of respect.

I feel like it’s indredibly irresponsible of the author to say something like “sorry, I fucked up but bc it’s popular I don’t want to stop.”

It’s hurtful and stereotypical and frankly I am offended that the author didn’t even offer to take the racist parts out after I called her out on it.

Also gasolina is a fucking trash song pls don’t talk to me about it.

(seriously, gasolina has become an American stereotype of Mexicans. Emphasis on American. We don’t listen to that shit anymore. It’s not funny. It’s a stupid song and it’s embarrassing, it’s just a dumb stereotype, and therefore racist.)

bluespock  asked:

When Spock and Bones get intimate, Bones suggests something and once Spock agrees it would be "highly efficient in stimulating pleasure", Bones gets a sassy little grin and goes "alright then, Spock. Doctor's orders."

I particularly love this because I want Bones to say Doctor’s orders a few times during sex or flirting or some such and Spock feels himself get a bit weak at the knees for it. Then Bones says it to Spock in med bay when it actually is a doctor’s order (You eat some damn copper tonight, Spock, you’re terrifyingly low. Doctor’s orders) and Spock gets a solid flashback and blushes a bit and Bones realises a moment later what’s happened. Now there’s just two flustered fools standing in Bones’ office looking at each other awkwardly.