Dark Digidestined’s

I asked o drawing asks and I completely did the opposite of what I asked.. LOL

They are all slowly coming together!! Mimi is next!!! :D

NEW ADDITION: DARK JOE!!! He only took 3 months to finally finish >.> I wanted to keep the role-players “Crazy doctor” look to him. 

Anyways, enjoy :D


Oh before I forget.

My poor journal is being neglected with info like this gah I’ll fix it later ~ but. So yesterday at busch gardens i was wearing my grey drop dead sweatshirt right? and i was like. ok taylor. if we see anyone here with a drop dead shirt on, im going to go up to him and tell him we’re meant to be. LOL. like i was totally kind of kidding because what are they odds of that? and taylor was like hell yeah. ok. they also have to be wearing skinny jeans and black shoes. and i was like mmk and they should have a beanie and gauges. WELL. GUESS WHAT. we were just walkin and. here comes a guy. in a dropdead shirt, black shoes, and skinny jeans. I WAS DEAD. like. i didnt even notice at first and then taylor was like LOOK LOOK OMG DROPDEAD. then i turn around and he had damn black shoes and EVERYTHING. but. he was with his gf soi was like. ok. yeah im not gonna go up to him but. omg i died. We losttttt it. best thing ever. It was like a sign. But his hair was too long and his face wasnt cute so i was lik uhm. yeah oliver sykes wouldnt approve of how youre wearing his clothes but w/e it was still damn fantastic. then we found a hot guy at oktoberfest and took a picture of him. nice bone structure<333 LOL. Oh taylor and i and our adventures <:

Look who’s beautiful pink collar shirt I wore today(: Needed it for volunteering today. I WAS THE ONLY PINK PERSON, when we were told to wear a white one. I don’t have one><