I Can’t Lose You - Bucky Barnes Fanfiction (Intro.)

A/N: So… I’m not sure whether to make a new series out of this. I wasn’t sure if this was any good or if it was anything anyone would be interested in. So I guess this is a sneak peek? 

words: 700+

warnings: angst (not really kinda, IDK it’s up to your feels), dramaaah

people: Bucky, Steve & Tony, and Unofficial OC 


This was never supposed to happen.

“We we’re a team, right? Then why are ripping apart? Tell me! Tell me, Tony! Tell me… why, why you’d risk killing us, over our parents.”

Tony’s face fell so far you’d thought he’d just witnessed an execution.

Our eyes, both brown and immense with dark long black lashes covering our inner feelings.  Our pair of eyes were opened wide with the same fear.

Losing each other.

“He killed our parents and you just saw it in front of your goddamn eyes! What- that just is fine, because you know…he didn’t mean it after all, right! Am I right?”

Tony screamed across the vast Hydra laboratory at a tense Bucky, whose MK14 was pointed right at my brother in quiet defense.

I read Bucky’s aura and saw immediately that it spoke of somber feelings and regretful memories that he couldn’t control. He was still so broken from Hydra. It was like he couldn’t seal that gap of his past away, it laid on his shoulders like a hefty blanket. I knew he was sorry and never would hurt our mom and dad if he had gotten control of his mind. Tony’s eyes were angry and red as his hot cherry suit of armor.

He wanted vengeance, and he wasn’t letting anything get in his way.

A tear slip out of my eye as I asked one more time, one more chance for him to back down. I didn’t want this to happen, but I already saw what was to come in my mind, and it broke me in pieces.


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