High School AU Starter

Miho is leaning on the wall on in the courtyard, reading an article on a new idol group as she waits for her friends to arrive. She sighs as she reads, turning the page as she looked over the magazine. She sighed, there were boys staring at her again, sometimes she hated how good she looked, and they always eyed her chest which made her blood boil slightly. However, a boy approaching behind them caught her eye. “Ryuga, you ready for another week of classes”? 

Ryuga smirked as he walled up, his casual black leather jacket clashed with the normal blue jackets that all the other boys wore. “Aye, another day another lesson we may not actually need”. Ryuga wasn’t a bad student, him and Miho were near the top of the class, he just had a habit of disliking classes despite being good at them. “We just got to wait for the younger ones and then we can head in, Astuno is probably walking with Haruna and Gald like usual”.