So in the further interest of archival, here is a bunch of pictures taken from MK01, an artist who was involved back in the MSPAchan days, the collection isn’t complete by any means, but it’s what he had at the time me and my accomplice requested them from him. You may know his work from the splash screen of Kerbal Space Program, if that gives you any indication.

Click the picture/link to retrieve the .ZIP file.


Familiarity made his black pupils contract within purple irises. He studied the carefully dressed, slender beauty in front of him, debating his next action with care and thought. He rarely even payed attention to the females of a crowd. But he had seen her before, a glance with the corner of the eye. And this was not just because she was an idol. He had seen her before, in a familiar place, within a familiar crowd. And then, realization struck him. The Helter Skelter. And not just once. But at that time, he was not really paying attention, she had been just a face in the crowd, having some business with Uta. Of course, they may or may not have been introduced to each other, he failed to remember the details, as his mind was probably in a different place at the moment, as it usually happened when there were some other things demanding his attention, like an attractive male, for example.

But now, associating her with a place and time, as well as her idol persona, had gotten him intrigued. He gave up on careful panning and decided to go with the flow. Maybe they can exchange beauty tips. She was definitely a woman that knew how to take care of her skin. “Maiko-san, was it? I believe we have met before.“