GMW vs. Disney
  • GMW:*gets nominated for an Emmy*
  • Disney:time to cancel it!
  • GMW:*is currently the highest ranked show on Disney*
  • Disney:Time to make a show about a talking hand!
  • GMW:*literally has almost everyone in the live audience chanting for another season*
  • Disney:lol no.
  • GMW:but-
  • Disney:bye
  • GMW:ok :(
Kristen Stewart speaks out about girlfriend for first time
Kristen Stewart has opened up about her relationship with Alicia Cargile, admitting for the first time that her former PA is her girlfriend. The actress, 26, has always remained quiet about her sexuality and her partner, who she first started dating last year. They broke up in October and Stewart formed a brief relationship with French singer Soko, before getting back together with Cargile. Although the couple have been photographed together, Stewart has never before confirmed the relationship publicly.

“I think … right now I’m just really in love with my girlfriend,”

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my video. july 24th, 2016

“raise your hand if you have snapchat” + josh had to pee + “you have a lot of pidgeys here”

staff for oh boy! magazine posted a b-cut image from jonghyun’s photoshoot as an apology for fans who were not able to get the magazine. the issue caused an “uproar” with fans due to it’s popularity and all copies were taken in very quickly. oh boy! is a free magazine that is only avaliable directly at the magazine’s official publishing headquarters. according to a post made on instiz late last week, fans lined up outside of the building two hours before it opened up with the line extending beyond / looping around it which is a first for them.