Aw, this was actually a wonderful spam to wake-up to yesterday morning, anon… You definitely have done a great job of drilling the idea into my brain and soon or literally just whenever, could be any moment, I will work on more edits for you guys! <3

anonymous asked:

can u make some icons? i dont know where do u get them but they are really beautiful

Whoa, am I really reading this right now?! Gee, thank you, anon! <3

I make all my icons by myself, I don’t really like using pre-made ones (even though I get really tempted to, however, because ugh… my fave editors and their icons). But really, I’ll think about it! I’m really picky with the exactness of how I want the icons to look and I don’t know how I’d handle making ones without being told what the individual wants… anything specific? And whoever is reading this right now, if you want an icon or if you’re awesome and you want to give me ideas for icons, pop me an ask, hoes- I MEAN, guise. ILY.

Wow, I talk a lot when I’m hungry. Okay, no. Scratch that. Really, just in general.

That’s a wrap.