I had a dream last night my parents were trying to force me to marry some dude I didn’t know so I escaped to this safe house in the country with my cousins… And then for whatever reason Thor came and talked to me. The next day he had this pathetic-looking bouquet of dandelions and said he was going to go talk to my parents and ask for their permission to marry me so I wouldn’t have to marry a stranger. He locked me in my room and I was yelling at him to let me out and he was leaving the house with his dirty, wilting dandelions saying “Don’t worry, fair maiden! I will talk to your parents!” 😂 (My mother is extremely allergic to dandelions)

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I have this AU where everyone basically works a modern day summer job. For example, Scorpion works at the zoo, Sub at an ice cream shop, Kenshi does a summer-school job for little kids, Ermac works in a flower shop, (I could go on but I'll save your time) would you mind illustrating one? ~love you and all your art, too

Lolol, sure thing!! I actually love this idea. It’s pretty amazing. Feel free to send me more of your ideas, I’d like to draw more if I ever have a free time again. 😅
Anyway, here is Hanzo for starters. (At the zoo, yass.)

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