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— Happy birthday to our smiling king MK! It has been such an honor being able to support you throughout the years, and an even bigger honor watching you become the idol of your dreams! From day 1 to 100 to 1,000, I wish you only happiness and good things! ✨
Here’s to many, many more birthdays together!

First Girl.

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REQUEST: Can you do an imagine where the reader is the only girl in the maze and she’s a total badass, and despite his own rule, Alby falls for her, and they share their first kiss? Thanks love!

FANDOM: Alby [The Maze Runner]

AUTHOR: MK (purityimagines)

TAGS: none

Alby smiles as Y/N walks past him, however he was unaware of the anger that swept over her face like a shadow. As a leader, he would tell her to wipe the negativity of her face. But as a sweetheart, he couldn’t help but admire her and wish her the best. There was that one thing that a boy would adore about a girl. There had to be something.

The way she does her own thing and not impress anybody for the sake of attention, the way she spoke up to people and stating her thoughts and opinions, making changes to the Glade. Everything— Alby adored.

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tiny-yue  asked:

Hello! Congrats on finishing FINAGLC, everything about your story from start to finish was perfect so thank you for sharing it with us :) As for a request fic I was wondering if you could write about the King Papyrus neutral ending, I would love to see how you think he would handle such responsibility and how much Sans would change because of what happened.

*vibrates intensely* I hope this isn’t riddled with typos because I had to write like the wind King Papyrus fuck yeah

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.02 s : Jinyoung feeling up marks arms (to break up a markson moment) mark playfully fights him off and then gives him this look about .07s like wyd this in public for? I get it u jealous.
.20s :Mark turns to jy and sings ’ you are the vitamin of my life my girl, (stands up to face jy) i want to show you off to the whole world ’ covers up with a kick move. jy loving smile in return watches mk move off to do limbo.
.59s it starts with eye contact smiles and then jy grabs mk arm and gets right up close to mk and crowds mk backwards ( kinda hot!) and grabs mk arm with both hands cos 2 is not enough. Some fan comment shakes jy to break away( dang it & what did she say???) Mk smiling & watching jy whole time & swaps his mike to his other hand so he can put his arm behind jy back(ass?) to comfort ( or just touch) when jy returns to his side.
1.16 finishes up with some more lowkey flirting. Jy points to mk and dances over to him. Makes mark smile .mk grabs the mike ,jy sits down next to mk who points and says something about jinyoung which makes jinyoung do a big eye smile
Ahhh what is life???!!!

Wishful thinking?

In this scenario MK helped Delphine fake her death and is hiding her. And could you just imagine MK giving Delphine Ice Tea and waking her up from nightmares and Delphine thinking she’s Cosima at first and saying “ ma cherie” and then realizing and then MK smiling and telling her Cosima is safe. So they sit together and Delphine cooks for them and tells her, you have to love all your sisters and MK nods.

I’ve got a project I’ve been meaning to work on for a while, that I would love for all y'all to help me with.

I’m starting a new blog, called “Just One Small Smile.”  The basic idea is, sometimes when we’re down or feeling low, all we need is one thing, just one little thing that will make us smile, even if it’s just for a second.  And that one small smile can make us feel better, can make us feel hopeful, can make the dark things seem not so dark.  So the point of the blog is to collect things–images, posts, songs, anything–that make people smile, so that they can be there when people need them.

If y'all could send me things to post on the blog–either by sending an ask to me, or to the blog, or submitting to the blog, or sending links or the like, it would be so so helpful.

 I just want to try and spread a little love.