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What I learned today:

Sub-Zero (Kuai Liang) is a saint. No, really.

 He did his best to atone for his clan’s dark past by reforming and rebuilding the Lin Kuei by taking down the toxic influence of Sektor and the other cyber ninjas in both the original and alternate timeline. He even gathered others like him in hopes of reclaiming their ancestry as the descendents of Cryomancers, an extinct group of ice-wielding people who were sentenced to genocide by Shao Kahn himself. 

As a cyborg, he tried his best to save the world from Shao Kahn and the forces of Outworld, even if it meant taking out his undead older brother, the evil Noob Saibot.

In MKX, he invites the MOTHERFUCKIN’ SCORPION to tea(!), and in one sitting, forgives the man for killing his older brother (Bi Han) in the first tournament over a grave misunderstanding, apologizes to the former revenant for the Lin Kuei’s bitter bout with the Shirai-Ryu, and even saves the yellow ninja from an ambush from Frost, his protege. All without batting an eye, or holding any contempt for his former rival.

To add icing to the cake, helps Scorpion find the true killer of his clan (Quan Chi), and continues to aid the Earthrealm Special Forces from further invasions (even “testing” new recruits).

I’m glad that being the last of your family, your clan, and amongst a handful of survivors from a long dead race hasn’t frozen your heart, Sub-Zero.


Musee des Blindés Part 21

1 to 4) AMX-30 “Pluton” Launch Vehicle. French nuclear-armed short-range ballistic missile system launched from a transporter erector launcher platform mounted on an AMX-30 tank chassis. It was designed to provide the tactical part of French nuclear deterrence during the Cold War. The Pluton came in replacement of the U.S.-built “Honest John” missile. It had an operating range between 17 and 120 km, with a error probability of 150 m. The warhead had a yield of 25 kilotons.

5 to 7) AMX Leclerc. French made main battle tank system for French and UAE armed forces. Compared to other main battle tanks of Western origin, the Leclerc took to some rather alternative design directions. It’s one of the lightest modern main battle tanks in service at 54,500 kilograms and is fitted with an autoloader. The autoloader is more commonplace in Soviet tank designs which allows a smaller overall profile while reducing the required crew. As such, only three crew are required to run the Leclerc

8 to 10) Merkava Mk I. Israeli MBT. The tank began development in 1973 and entered official service in 1978. Four main variants of the tank have been deployed. It was first used extensively in the 1982 Lebanon War. The Merkava features several novel features and prioritized crew protection above all else. The engine is positioned in the front unlike almost every other MBT in the world and gives a extra protection to the crew. The rear of the tank has clamshell folding doors that allows a maximum of six infantry to be carried in the tank.

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pain76  asked:

Top 10 mk character​s

I’ve write this top and explain why.U can skip it,if ya want :DD

1.)Bi-Han/Original Sub-Zero.My first character,childhood hero and main waifu( yeh,it’s kinda sounds weird for male char,but anyway ahah).And honestly,I don’t mention that before,but I don’t really like Noob Saibot,he’s not who I want to see,I waiting for my old,grumpy and real Bi-Han and keep a little hope to see him again as a human in next game.But if talking about personality,he is very complicated and cold-hearted,but for me he is a good example of anti-hero,he is not bad,but not really a good guy,who can only save lives and love pony,kitties or glitter stickers with Hannah Montana.He is such a wild card,not like Kuai,lil one more open-hearted than him,but hidden nature it’s Bi-Han’s charm,really magnificated.

2.)Sareena.In my opinion,one of the most beautiful female charcters in MK.She have interesting appearance,interesting background and her own story,I think it’s not fair,that NRS couldn’t give her more development,because she really worth to be in game,more than half of MKX roster.Honestly,I don’t even care about Kombat Kids life stories,than her’s.I actually thought before,she is kinda like succubus,but not lol.Real she-devil,but with a heart.She’s got a long way to be remembered and I hope to see her again.

3.)Jade.Once again-one of the most beautiful and unique female chars in game.I was pretty infuriated,because she’s not in MKX and we know literally nothing about her current location and what happened with her as well.She deserves to be more interesting character,but for me she is actually is,I just mean she need her own screentime besides only Kitana’s sidekick/bodyguard or something like that.I waiting for a good reason why she’s not in game,because even in old timeline I feel special feeling for her.

4.) Sonya Blade.She is a real example of strong female characters,I’ve never see she give up with a real problems,she’s a real strong person and good mother.For everyone,who thinks she’s awful mother-I just want to say you read again MKX comics,where she talking with Johnny about Cassie and family.I don’t even know,why some persons talking about her “badmotherqualitiesohmy”,same as about Kenshi “bad father”.She always care about Cassie and her family,but her status,her job,her duty,she do it to save not only her family,but whole world from intruders.Sonya knows it and realize it,I can’t judge her for that,she’s a real hero and do it right.

5.)Kitana.Kitsune-Kitsune :p Actually she have a grace and beauty,but for me she is more interesting in old timeline,I mean,in new one,she’s different.Absolutely.I still don’t know how changed her character in good or bad way,but for me she’s change.For me she still stay brave and wise princess,ready to protect her home and friends.Most beatiful she was in Shaolin Monks,MK vs DC Universe and MKX.

6.)Kuai Liang/Sub-Zero. Yeeh,still lil’Subby for me.Buuut.I think he had a long way to became a real strong and respectful warrior,which we’re know today.He lost almost everything,but don’t gave up,he can forgive,he can shows mercy to his opponent,he have a honor at least.Even in fact,I always love Bi-Han more,doesn’t mean I love Kuai less than his bro :)

7.)Raiden.Well,only what I want to say-without him I can’t imagine MK.He is very important character and he is interesting and deserve more attention and right accents and he doesn’s deserve something like “oh look he’s mistaken about future kill liu-liu ruin everything what da fuk man”.Hello,he actually deserves respect.His work to protect Earthrealm,you found it easy or what?

8.)Fujin.Aaand yes,I need to see him in game more.He is interesting,but only what I know about him I can only suggest,I even can’t imagine his whole personality,dunno why.But he is a good character,I’ve always happy to see.

9.)Hotaru.Yeeh,dat guy from Deception with long white hair and flags.Imo,not bad character,but he need development anyway.I mean,this joke with “Hotaru and order” kinda funny,but besides that he need something else.He is interesting for me and hope to see him of something about Seido in next games.

10.)Shang Tsung.Yes and yes.He is still my fave,I love him more than Quan Chi and specially I love him in 3D-era MK,where he looks absolutely amazing.Real evil,big brains and damn he is hot as hell..when he was young of course,lol.

Thank you for ask! :3

What I really want from season 10 is for Sam and Cas to think everything is fine and Dean is back to normal and for a while things are good.  But every once in a while something about Dean just feels a little…off…but they think “oh, well, it’s just the mark of cain, he’ll be fine.  We’ll figure it out.”  Then come the mid-season finale; in a moment of crisis Sam and Cas’ lives hang on the line and Dean is the only one who can save them, so they turn to him for help and