This is the wallpaper on my phone right now and it sparked a cute conversation.

George the AT&T guy: is that your niece or daughter?
Me: *a bit sheepishly* No, she’s my favorite model…
George: Oh! Well she’s super cute!

Thank you for not judging me as so many others have, George.

Shanghai M&G Story: TSHK admin Tracey

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1989 Tour Shanghai (10 Nov 2015) 
Meet & Greet Experience

首先好多謝 Keds 既香港marketing公司贊助, 我地fan club既兩位admin同得獎既兩位fans先有機會去上海坐vip area近距離欣賞Taylor既演出! 而本人更加有機會去Meet&Greet! 我終於可以親口同Taylor講香港Swifties幾咁想佢再黎香港!

好多人問我地設計對Keds結果有冇送到比Taylor。其實上海Meet&Greet既規矩好嚴, fans唔可以直接送禮物比Taylor, 亦唔可以用自己相機影相, 每人只可以比工作人員幫你影一張合照。禮物只可以放係出面話會有staff收集再比Taylor。

係短短唔夠一分鐘既Meet&Greet, 我已經盡量爭取機會同Taylor講野 (因為前面既人好似冇咩點同Taylor講野, 影完相就走)。其實要講既都講左, 但佢會唔會放係心/真係收到d禮物再逐件睇, 就好難講, 始終佢每日都見咁多fans…..🙈

以下係我地見面既對話, 大致上係咁:
Taylor: Hi!
Me: Hong Kong loves you!
(Walking towards Taylor, then she hugged me)
We’ve been waiting for you for a very long time, like many years! And we’ve designed a pair of Keds for you!
Taylor: (Smiling) Really?
Me: I’ll leave it out there. You must see it! Must see!
Taylor: Can I take a picture with you?
Me: Sure!

Taylor真人塊面好細 (定係個頭細😂), 同埋佢著平底鞋所以冇想像中咁高。
點都好, 真係要再一次多謝Keds, 令我地夢想成真!
— Tracey (Owner&Admin)

I am going to write a brief translation here:)

So basically our admins got one M&G pass and two front row tickets from Keds. Our admins Tracey and Jessica flew to Shanghai to see the 1989 World Tour! Before the show, Tracey had a M&G session with Taylor. We actually prepared a gift for Taylor. It was a pair of Keds designed by TSHK admins. As the policy of M&G was very strict, she could only pass the gift to the staff. The M&G only lasted for a minute, but It was a dream come true for Tracey! Taylor doesn’t look tall in the picture because she wasn’t wearing heels.

@taylorswift thank you for meeting Tracey! I’ve known her since the Speak Now era. Hong Kong swifties are all waiting for you to come back!

This is the gift we gave to Taylor:

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