Sustenpass, Switzerland

September 23th 2016 with @tamingthetides and @hulahooch

It was the first trip with Amber and Kristi after they arrived in Switzerland. Originally we set off on a hike somewhere in the mountains above Lake Lucerne, but because the girls were still rather jet-lagged (they literally spent the whole previous day sleeping) and because it was super hazy around the lake, we decided to just go for a ride around Sustenpass further down in the Alps. It turned out to be a great decision, as it was the perfect way to show the typical Swiss alpine landscape of glacier topped mountain peaks, little alpine villages full of wooden huts, breathtaking mountain roads and most importanly - cows. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone filled with this level of excitement as Kristi whenever she saw a cow. I’m not quite sure anymore for how long Kristi took photos of the cow in photo #2, but it was long enough to make me wonder if Kristi had ever even seen a cow before lol. Then, after driving through a series of twists and turns in the road and ascending up the mountain, we finally set off on a little hike around the mountain, looking for the famous view view of the Steingletscher and the little lake. However, all that we could find at the beginning was a really cool swing right on the edge of the mountainside, a herd of goats, and another alpine hut, where a nice young waitress/ housekeeper was kind enough to answer to my broken German where to go. We finally managed to catch a glimpse of the lake and then of course we started to take pictures, me of the lake and Amber with Kristi of each other … because they’re actually good at portrait photography. Anyways, this wasn’t quite the angle that I wanted as you couldn’t see the glacier behind the lake, so we got back in the car and found what I believed must have been the perfect spot. but to this day I don’t know if that was the case, because all we saw were clouds. At least there was enough space to pop up some camping chairs and snack on some baguettes. Even after exploring a bit of the surrounding rocks and flora in the fog, we grew a bit impatient and gave up hope of the clouds actually moving, so we drove further down, managing to find a cool little mountain stream free of the misty fog, for at least five minutes. We kept driving further down until we reached the end and it was clear than we wouldn’t get to see the view for which we actually drove here as the clouds simply would not go away. So we turned around, me a little disappointed, but on the way back we actually found the spot from the road where the lake does actually look like a little heart - the spot I was looking for all along. But the lake was still hidden in a rather heavy layer of mist, but thankfully this time the patience paid off as a slight window between the clouds opened just for a brief moment, and not only did we get an unobstructed view of the lake, but you we even saw the very a little bit of the Stein Glacier! So in the end, all was good and I left Sustenpass all happy, and why wouldn’t I after a fun trip filled with amazing landscapes and more importantly great memories of getting to show your friends what the Alps are like for the first time! 


Hey I’m Sarah 👋
New to the tumblr gay scene and have like 0 gay friends irl.
I’m bisexual with a strong interest in girls and I’m looking to further explore this.
I’m 21 and interested in sports, music, other girls and just about anything you can imagine.

I’m very personable and I’d love to speak to someone new, just as friends or something more I’m happy either way!
So girls, feel free to message me!


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