mjwt: sacramento


If you live in the California Sacramento area, I was given a LOST PUPPY.

She is a 2-3 month old chihuahua mix, very sweet and very quiet. 

If you are interested in adopting her, PLEASE MESSAGE ME. 

She needs a loving home and I am unfortunately unable to keep her as I already have a dog and cat of my own. I would rather not surrender her to the SPCA as even chihuahua puppies are sometimes rarely adopted.


Bruno performing “Perm” in Sacramento.  Repost@hooliganmarah


Afternoon folks!

Alright we ended up staying in San Jose overnight and stuck around for a bit! Little known fact: I used to live here years and years ago! SO I AM SUPER HAPPY AND PROUD TO SAY THAT IT IS A PRIMARILY INSTINCT CITY.

There, that’s awesome. I got to see my old stompin’ grounds. It was fun to see my old neighborhood and the changes. BUT we’re off on the road again heading to Sacramento and then from there straight into oregon where we’re going to stop for the night.

Thanks to you all who are sticking with me this far! Y'all are amazing!