Connor Brooks is a seventeen year old junior who originally attended St. George’s School. Connor lives in Alphonse House & is on the studio arts track. His faceclaim is Jesse McCartney and he is taken.

past ;

Born and raised in the wealthiest parts of California has done Connor well. With parents both within the entertainment industry he grew up in the spotlight and was always dotted over. No matter what he did cameras were on him. He was just used to it. When his parents divorced, Connor and his two sisters were split between them. His older sister went with their mom and his youngest with their dad. Connor went back and forth between them, spending holidays and summers with mom and the school year with dad. Used to the finer things in life Connor sought out to ensure that he was always had everything he wanted. Whether it was a new car when he tired of the old one or a new gaming console, Connor never really needed anything.
His parents are always off doing one movie after another which left his older sister in charge. After the divorce the care of the youngest Brooks daughter was placed to Connor. About the only thing he can honestly say he’s proud of is how his sister Emily turned out. The eldest Brooks girl, Aubrey, turned into a younger and more reckless version of their mother. Connor would prefer if he didn’t have to deal with anyone in his family besides Emily since she’s probably the sanest one there.

personality ;

Snarky and spoiled are two words that can sum up Connor. He isn’t afraid to say things how they are and doesn’t hide it when he doesn’t like someone. Living off his family’s wealth, Connor lives lavishly and prefers to be surrounded with like-minded people. Though he can be more delicate than most assume he is. With his sister he’s the kindest guy he can be and if he manages to find someone he cares for then he’s more than prepared to do whatever is needed to help them. While most assumed he’d go into something similar to that of his acting parents and older sister, Connor always had a knack for the arts. It’s one thing he and Emily have in common and he made a promise to her to continue his passion. Homework is never something he makes time for and usually ends up doing last minute. There are plenty of other fun things he’d rather do; rule-breaking for one.

stats ;

Classes: Pre-calculus, Chemistry, AP English III: Language and Composition, Contemporary World Issues, Studio Art III, French III 
Tiberius West
Clubs: Dorm Council, National Honor Society & Art Club
Lacrosse & Soccer 

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