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tip five fic recs

1) Angel Of The Bat by MJTR

Basically an AU based on Gail Simone’s Angel Of The Bat pitch, where Cass saves a priest and adopts a new identity. It’s definitely religious, but it’s much more nuanced than you’d expect, and does point out Christianity’s flaws, along with it’s positive aspects, while never acting like there’s one right choice.

2) Cassandra Cain: The Batgirl by Dan Ingram

An AU that diverges from canon at the end of Cassandra’s original solo series. She gets taken in by Katana, goes to school, and forms an identity separate from Bruce.

3) Always You by @sniperct

A nice X-Men AU where Kitty is trans, and begins dating Rachel Grey.

4) It’s Raining In Gotham by Almondrose

Small snapshots of Gotham’s vigilantes on a rainy night. Really short and mellow.

5) The Price Of War by PinkRangerV

An AU based on the original Power Rangers, where Rita is the hero and Zordon is the villain.

Send me a top 5!

A Change in the Wind

It’s been a long time since I added anything to this blog, because I lost all interest and creativity. I lost all interest in Politics, in International Relations, in Photography, in Art, in trying to make a difference. If I’m honest, I didn’t lose interest, I lost hope. And with that hope, I also lost belief. Derrick Jensen once said “Hope is the worst thing for mankind, because hope is the belief that someone else will fix the problem”. Many people hope that we end poverty around the world, but how many people actually try and end poverty?

But losing belief is worse than losing hope. Something happened to me that quashed me, smothered my spirit, made me feel worthless and insignificant. I haven’t been on here since, and haven’t known what to post, what to write, what to share, I haven’t believed that I have a voice worth sharing. I haven’t believed in myself, and I haven’t believed in others, in our brothers and sisters out there.

But recently, I’ve had this niggle. A good niggle. Call it an urge. An urge to write. An urge to share. An urge to say something. I’ve noticed that I’m getting angry again at things, at the establishment, at our so call leaders, at the media, at the pointless brutality, unfairness and inequality that thwarts our western society and many others. However, over this last 18 months whilst I have sat in silence with my passion and fire quelled, I have listened, I’ve pondered, and the funny thing is that looking back, the silence was good. The stepping back was good. The being made to feel like an insignificant piece of shit was good. Now I feel more energised and more connected than I ever have. 

For the first time in a long time, I truly believe that we are on the cusp of a rapid change. I feel like our governments, the Establishment, are losing control. I feel like large proportions of our populations in the Western world are opening their eyes and seeing the lies. I see groups gathering, physically and digitally. I see people, and even some politicians, fighting the great fight. I believe that we can make a difference.

And the power that you and I weield, more than ever, is in technology, and in the internet. The power is in numbers, it is in information, in education, in video and audio recordings, in social media, in petitions, in voting. And I want to be a part of that. I need to be a part of that. Do you?

It’s good to be back.