We need an internet (r)evolution

I am having a bit of an issue with our fight for change, and for the fight for the environment. Thousands of posts a day, (including mine), state the obvious and say the same things over and over again; we’re killing the fish, polluting the land, polluting ourselves, the 1% are controlling everything, the population is out of hand, it’s got to change, it’s got to stop, etc. And we keep shouting it. And of course the powers that be hear us. Everybody knows we’re in a mess. And don’t get me wrong, we need to keep shouting it, and keep saying it louder. But really, no-one does anything. China isn’t about to shut it’s factories and have civil war. The Americans aren’t going to jump on their bikes, they can’t, life is too spread out. None of our governments are going to turn around and say “Yup, you were right and we were wrong. This industrial and capitalistic civilisation just isn’t doing our Earth (the only one we’ve got) any good at all. We’ll stop now”.

But before I go on, I have some questions. Who’s got the job of deciding what change is needed? What, precisely, needs to be done to save our planet?  How, in a realistic approach, would we implement the change? How do we change the ideals, goals, dreams, and education of 7bn people successfully, in a way that will actually work and save our planet, or at least leave us with a planet worth living in?  Where are the answers? Because I don’t know. I know we need to change, but I haven’t got a clue where to start. And the governments don’t either, or at least don’t want to. I do my bit, but how do you change a whole society? Or to be more precise, how do you change a world with many different societies?

I see so much negativity on blogging sites - on environmental and capitalist issues - and there should be, we’re doooooomed, but I really wish there were more ideas, and inspirations, and forums, and blogs, and brainstorming sessions about how we can change.  We should be blogging the way forward as much as we blog about our current dismal state of affairs. Where’s the positivity?  We should be dreaming, putting ideas onto the net, and spreading those. Adding to them. Discussing them. Real ideas and action plans, with the support of scientists, economists, anthropologists, etc, and backed and made by all members of our society - the teachers, doctors, unemployed, scientists, painters, photographers, bus drivers, etc, etc. Lets take these to our governments, and say to them: “THESE, these are the change that we want." 

You know the saying, if you want to get a job done well, you have to do it yourself. We have to stop hoping that governments will change, stop hoping that the ceo’s of massive logging corporations will grow a conscience, stop hoping that the banks stop being thieving bastards; hoping is the same as waiting for somebody else to find the solution. Hope will kill our planet. We need to start working as one, use the spread and reach of the net to go forward, to evolve. If we don’t use this incredible tool that we have been given, to find the answers, we only have ourselves to blame when this beautiful planet dies around us. 

Just an idea.

“Three blokes go into a pub. Well, I say three; could have been four or five. Could have been nine or ten, doesn’t matter. Could have been fifteen, twenty - fifty. Round it up. Hundred. Let’s go mad, eh - two-fifty. Tell you what, double it up - five hundred. Thousand! Oh, I’ve gone mad! Two thousand! Five thousand! (adopting auctioneer persona) anyone five thousand, six thou, six thousand, ten thousand! Small town in Hertfordshire goes into a pub! Fifteen thousand blokes! Alright, let’s go - population of Rotterdam. The Hague. Whole of Northern Holland. Mainland U.K. Let’s go all the way to the top - Europe, alright? Whole of Europe goes - I say Europe. Could be Eurasia. Not the band, obviously, that’s just two of them. Alright, continents - North America! Plus South America! Plus Antartica - that’s just eight blokes in a weather station. Not a good example. Alright, make it a lot simpler, all the blokes on the planet go into the pub, right? And the first bloke goes up to the bar and he says "I’ll get these in.” What an idiot.“

Bill Bailey. 

This man is a genius. I cried. 

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Caribou - Jamelia (by blag0jed)

Great song. Even better video.