I can’t say that I’m a Minecraft pro, sadly. I have big dreams and not enough commitment to follow through. Half the time I ended up playing I would drag my brother and sister into our server and make him do the gruntwork of laying the foundation for our grand and glorious city fueled by canals and made of ice while I floated above him like a god with dreams of grandeur and directed where he should be digging. Nothing was ever finished and we both lost interest long before the ice palace even began to resemble one.

At the end of our time in creative mode, at least we had the golden apple to keep our spirits up long after we had given up on building our dream city. They turned us back into regular people after our brains had become zombified by the never-ending pixels.

If you need a hand regenerating 200 health points or changing your zombie villager back into a regular villager, the recipe for this golden apple is under the cut.

-MJ & K

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