So, I spent my second time at Christmas in the Park with Marvin and his family(: 

They picked me up early, and we made a few stops before heading over to Christmas in the Park. It was fun just hanging out with them. Costco, omg. 

Yeah, I felt really stupid.

We got lost on our way there, and took a detour, but we finally made it. Marvin and Mark tried teaching me a game on the way but it just got me confused. LOL. Anyway, we walked around Christmas in the Park, I saw a few people I knew. We wandered around among all the rides that I didn’t know about last time I was there. 

Me and Marvin lost our ferris wheel virginity together. Hahah! The line was super long, and the ride itself was short and quick, but well worth it. I burst out laughing when we were trying to hold our breath for a whole trip around. “Woe Is Me!” “OH MY GOD I’M AFRAID OF HEIGHTS, GET ME OFF!”

Sang Christmas songs in the car. I think I was the only warm one while everyone else was freezing their butts off. Yay for good blood circulation?

Anyway, thank you again @marvinnatorwearsblue for a great 4th date.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!


Had another strange dream last night. :P

Spent my early afternoon with family, ate, watched some Food Network, and then went on a Target run with mom. Bought the first season of Modern Family! (: 

Worked on homework and got the majority of what I wanted done finished while listening to Passion’s Twitbook Medleys. Took a few breaks here and there, and while I was home alone, I made strawberry cake cupcakes. YUM. Watched Say Yes to the Dress. I love that show.

After I officially finished and printed stuff I did this weekend, I webcammed with Marv(: He listened to my version of the intro of Bohemian Rhapsody. Good ending to a homework-filled day. 

I am not ready for finals.


Watched half of Tangled with Marvin(: I was home alone, and he played Zombies and then Street Fighter until we decided to watch a movie together (well, sort of. lol). Webcamming is always fun with him. 

Then my parents came home and my dad was drunk, and then Chris came home and he was drunk too. And then…uh, that awkward moment. lol. 

“It’s called an iTouch, not a WeTouch! That’s what Wii’s are for!”